Obamacare — Will It Survive or Not?

The Supreme Court's decision is expected to be announced this week, possibly even Monday. Do you think President Barack Obama's health care law will be upheld or will it be struck down?

This week is expected to be a big one in politics. For the last few month’s we’ve been told to expect a ruling on the legal challenge to President Barack Obama’s health care law by June — then by late June. Well, June doesn’t get any later than this week. So predictions are that if not Monday, then at the very latest by Thursday, we should know the outcome of the Supreme Court’s ruling on what has now become known as Obamacare.

Everyone says it will be close, a 5 to 4 ruling, but which way it will go is anybody’s guess — and everybody is guessing. Obama’s supporters say it will be upheld, definitely. His opponents — well they say it will be struck down, definitely.

So what do you think? Will the law be upheld in its entirety, will parts of it be struck down or will all of it be struck down? And what about the individual mandate — will that be upheld? And while we’re debating it, what do you think should happen? Is Obamacare the way to go or do you think there is a better option?

American Patriot June 26, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I think@ Ben was trying to refer to "moral hazard". Like many I am not sure he knows what it means. He is close on the unemployment rate. In June 08 the real unemployment rate was 5.5% today it is 11.1% and getting worse. According to Paul Krugman we need to create 300,000 jobs for 60 months to keep pace w/population growth and return to full employment at 4.5%. Each month you don't create at least 127,000 jobs you need more you will need more the following month to make up for what's been lost. Last month we created a whopping 60k jobs. For the record the recession ended June 2009 which took away over 5 million jobs. You can put most of that on Bush. However since Obama took office we lost an additional 6.5 million jobs and the recession ended 3 years ago. Biggest reason for that. Businesses don't like his policies and are waiting for him to leave before reinvesting. Currently US companies have over 2 trillion (yes trillion) in cash on the books waiting to be put to use.
William Miller June 27, 2012 at 03:04 PM
For all of GW Bush's faults, the present dilemna with the economy isn't squarely on his shoulders. The something for little or nothing mentality of a large portion of our populace is the real culprit here. GW Bush tried to warn that the housing bubble was a serious problem. So much artificially created demand caused housing prices to jump. When the bubble burst it was because of the Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac fiasco that we were warned about, and so many on the coat tails of Barney Frank went out of their way to convince all of us otherwise. The Media is partly to blame for all of this as well, for NOT covering without bias. GW Bush ticked me off on several fronts, with his Patriot Act crap, and a couple of other anti freedom, big brother policies, but this problem we have now isn't really his legacy for us. Oh and one more thing. How many of us works for a poor man or woman? Take away even more from them, and your kissing any raise goodbye. Think people, just think.
Brian Crawford June 27, 2012 at 03:16 PM
We haven't created 300,000 jobs a month consistently even in the best of times. Krugman's right but he also proposes massive government stimulus to create those jobs and Republicans have blocked every attempt at that. Obama inherited a free fall in job losses and immediately began turning that around. The last 27 months of positive private sector job growth looks pretty much like a normal economy. Republicans have insured a stalled economy and high unemployment by cutting hundreds of thousands of government jobs even though we've grown government jobs during every recent recession under a Republican President.
Tammy Osier June 27, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Well stated Mr. Miller. It's more convenient to blame Bush when if people would take the blinders off their eyes, they'd have to note the 5% unemployment that we had under him for the first two years (even with a war going on). Most of the Republicans were rinos - amazing that he managed that. They don't want to give any blame at all to the democrat house and senate that was in power two years later when this bubble happened. Bush did warn them; he did try to stop it, yet the current administration continually (and immaturely in my opinion) blames him. Did he make mistakes? Sure did. Did I agree with everything? No. But all in all, Obama owns this one. The recession was almost over in 2010, and would have ridden itself out had he not started wpening like a drunken sailor and gotten this mandate that forces people to pay what they don't have. IMHO.
William Miller June 27, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Well if massive spending by the Fed will get us out of this mess....... Yeah give them a blank check, let them hire all of the unemployed we have right now. Let's all pass the buck down the line for our children and grand children to pay for. We can print and borrow every penny we need to sustain that....... RIGHT!!!!!!. Wrong, the Private sector is what drives our economy. It is the wages earned versus the dollars available that sets the value of our currency. Supply and demand. We are too heavy in the Govco spending versus wealth earned and generated now. We are beyond the healthy ratio of government spending and GDP. We need less Government and less spending to get out of this mess. Unless, and this is what it really boils down to. UNLESS we become a Socialist economy, where we are all poor and begging, while the upper echelon get everything at all of our expense. Socialist ideals thwart a Capitalist economy, in growth and in health.


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