Road Conditions In Dacula

I would like to know why our main roads were not cleared during this week of snow and ice like Auburn and Winder.  I live on a main road and saw one plow on Thursday.  What happened?  I believe that our city is capable of managing roads during this kind of situation.  We have the money, people and equipment - So where were the crews and equipment?  Still parked in the new maintenance building?  Mayor Wilbanks - You live on a main road - why weren't the roads cleared?  Did you ask Gwinnett County for backup?  Previous mayors have asked for help and received a quick response during these situations.  This is ridiculous.  Maybe you should call Auburn for backup.  They took care of their citizens and roads.  I find it interesting that our main city streets were untouched while those around us were clear and passable.  There is something wrong here.  Don't you think?
Cathy Mattox February 14, 2014 at 12:14 PM
what roads are you talking about?? Harbins appeared to have been scraped yesterday. 316 was completely clear, just wet. I totally understand the backroads not being scraped. They never have been... Didn't go on Hwy 8 but have friends that were around Cafe313 and Kroger yesterday and they had no problems.


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