Should Bartender Who Reported Drunk Driver Be Given Her Job Back?

Police said she did the right thing, but her former employer said her actions were bad for business.

An Ohio bartender has been getting a lot of media attention lately after she was fired for reportedly calling police on a patron who left the bar drunk. According to a story by The Huffington Post, the man tested a little over twice the legal limit when stopped by police.

While she was hailed as a hero for doing the right thing by police, her employer fired her. The bartender, Twyla DeVito, is reported to have been told by her now former employer that her actions were “bad for business.” However, there have been instances when bars have faced lawsuits, such as this one in Florida in 2009, when a patron has left the bar and ended up killing someone in a DUI.

What do you think? Did the bartender do the right thing and should she get her job back? If not, should she sue her former employer for unfair dismissal?

Karsten Torch February 27, 2013 at 01:39 PM
There's so many nuances to this story, it's hard to say whether the firing was just or not. There may be a policy in place to call a cab, or to take their keys, or cut them off, or any number of things, which she violated. He may have said something to her he shouldn't, and she kept serving him and waited for her chance to call the cops. We don't know if there's extenuating circumstances. We do know that the drunk carried pretty much all the responsibility for his arrest, so regardless, I feel no pity for him. That being said, the bar owner can hire and fire as s/he sees fit. Unemployment? Sure, if the firing wasn't justified. Law suit? No. Hell no. You have no right to work, you only have the right to serve the employer at their will. Better make your pay worth it to them.
Lindsey February 27, 2013 at 01:41 PM
I feel like he may have been singled out because unfortunately many people leave bars drunk and drive home. However, I am happy there was one less drunk driver on the street.
Dee Welch February 28, 2013 at 04:38 AM
I wish the bartender at a "cocktail cove" bar on Lake Lanier in GA had reported the man who took the lives of my two sweet nephews ages 9& 13 by Boating Under the Influence last year, June 18th 2012 the man slammed into my brother's pontoon boat at high speed . She may have ruined the drunk's night and gave the boss reason to dismiss the 'bartender who will get you a DUI', but this woman possibly saved a life or maybe even many. I think the establishment should have called a cab but maybe he refused one. I think it must have been an extreme situation for her to be the one responsible for reporting the man who was a customer. She should be proud and I think taking them to court over this is worth a shot. I think she should be supported and praised; not fired and criticized for protecting innocent lives.
Ben February 28, 2013 at 09:11 AM
Drunk Drivers Kill & Hurt more people than any of the so call ban on the fire arms act does, thats in the news. But no one has wanted to ban Beer & Liquor. No I am not against Drinking, so don't go there, I am just telling like it is. I think the Bartender done the right think, but of corse there are always Two sides to the story
Good Grief Y'all March 02, 2013 at 03:22 PM
If the employer fired the bartender for following the law, he should pay her a severance. Hopefully, she'll find employment with a law-abiding establishment. Asking a drunk if he/she is too drunk to drive is an exercise in futility. Sober people have to intervene.


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