Staying Home to Get Away From It All

Sometimes planning a vacation is more stress than it is worth.

With all of the heady issues surrounding us in our world, we made it through another General Assembly session in Georgia. Last Thursday night at midnight, they ended the session with the motion to “Sine Die.”

It would be easy to reflect on the session by sharing with readers my opinions about all that happened. I am not going in that direction, however. It is time to take a break. There are times in my life amid all the research, web surfing, and news gathering that I determine is necessary as I seek to be informed about all that is going on in the political, social, theological, and ethical world, when I want to do nothing.  I don’t want to think and I don’t want to make decisions. In those times I want only to do nothing.

After all, it is “Spring break” in many parts of the state and there will be trips made with friends and family to resort areas; and the beach or mountains will be filled with visitors over the next several weeks.  Well, in trying to find a place where I can go to do nothing requires a decision. Will it be the mountains? Will it be the beach? How much will it cost? Do I have the money to go anywhere? All of these decisions begin to crowd into my already over burdened brain! “It can’t be that hard,” I think. Yet, making the decision adds stress on an already stressful lifestyle. I turned to a friend for advice.  I asked, “Where can I go to do nothing?”

The answer, I admit, had not been one of my options. “Stay home,” my friend said. His argument was, “Food, shelter, and other provisions are already at home and paid for or available for your use.” Quickly, I said, “I want to get away.” He replied, “Get away from what, or who?”

In days when I was younger, the beach would have been the first selection. Later, walking mountain trails was the winning choice. I have been blessed to travel the beautiful state of Georgia, having spoken in every county in our state. I know great places to eat anywhere you can name in Georgia. I do admit, however, my wife is the best cook in the state, so home cooking wins out on that choice. There have been times when my wife has suggested that staying home would be the best choice for the two of us to relax rather than packing and traveling for miles to stay in a hotel, and eat out in unfamiliar eateries.

So, the decision is made. I am staying home to relax right after I return from my next speaking engagement in another part of the state. With gas prices sky high, crowded Interstates, and tourists gathering in restaurants, home is sounding better all the time. From where I stand, relaxing is the only item on the agenda for the next day or two.

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