Top 5 Dacula Patch Comments of the Week: Adult Jackass, Dog Reunited With Owner and Marshmallow Montauk Monsters

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Our Dacula Patch commenters are an engaging and entertaining bunch. Here are just a few of the interesting, funny and/or insightful comments posted on Dacula Patch during the past week. 

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I can hardly believe what I'm reading. Dumb Teenagers can be disrespectful and turn out great. I can't think of any scenario where being shaken by an adult jackass is going help that happen. Elders teach a younger generation by showing respect, tolerance and most of all restraint. Pick your fights this one wasn't worth having. – Santa John Dreggors on  Dacula Man Admits Grabbing Teen by Neck During Dispute at McDonald’s


Thank you so much to the mom on my son's lacrosse team for the suggestion to post on the Dacula Patch and to the lady calling with information about the dog's possible owner - with your help, the owner was found. Both the owner and the dog "Holly" were overjoyed to be reunited! – Jenni Cope on Found-Sweet Beagle


I'm so glad that Holly found YOU!! Knowing that you were willing to do all that for this sweet girl warms my heart. This is also a reminder for all pet owners to make sure that their dogs are wearing a collar with tags. Tags with good phone numbers greatly increase their chances of being returned quickly without a trip to the shelter. Tags are cheap when you get them from the internet. Go to ebay ;). – Lynn Bacon on Found-Sweet Beagle


Tune in next week as Kristi shows us how to make Marshmallow Montauk Monsters!  - Mitch on How to Make Mystery Eyeball Deviled Eggs


Forget grades but collecting cash? OH Yeah!! – R pn  Mobile App Helps Parents Manage GCPS Student Accounts



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