Raffle for Tim Smith, Survivor of Brutal 2009 Attack

We are doing a benefit raffle for a local neighbor Tim Smith. We are raffling off a 2002 PT Cruiser which will be here today, Saturday and Sunday! Raffle tickets in the store..Check Seeagain.org for details !

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On August 28, 2009, Tim Smith, owner of a local insurance agency, was slammed to the ground by a speeding pickup truck as he was walking toward his vehicle following a dental appointment.
The emotionally disturbed driver then emerged from his truck and stood over Tim's motionless body. He fired 3 shots at point-blank range from a .45 caliber handgun, before turning the weapon on himself.
Two bullets entered Tim's head near his left temple and his jawline. A third bullet penetrated his left shoulder. Tim cried out for help, not realizing his wrist was broken, his carotid artery had been nicked, his left eye had been destroyed, and the optic nerve of his right eye had been severely damaged, which would result in total blindness. His right jaw was also crushed.
Despite these horrific circumstances Tim walked to the ambulance and was transported to the nearest hospital. He remained in ICU for 2 weeks and was transfered to a regular room for 1 week. During his hospital stay, he had numerous surgeries and upon dismissal from the hospital, was taken to a Rehabilitation Center for 1 week where he received physical, speech, and occupational therapy. After returning home he continued to receive therapy in the home for many months. Tim also had many more surgeries during the following 2 years after the initial injuries.
Six months after the incident, Tim attended the Center for the Visually Impaired in Atlanta, Ga. where he learned many ways in which to adjust his lifestyle in dealing with his blindness. Tim is a strong Christian man who has forgiven the man who did this to him and believes that good will come out of this horrible experience. He is determined to live a productive life as he continues to work in his insurance agency. Tim also has a strong desire to share his faith with others through his testimony and by setting an example through his positive attitude and the way he lives his life. Tim and Wes are available to speak to your church, organization, or business regarding dealing with disabilities, hope, and coping with loss and visibility impairment. Please contact us for more information.
Roland Lorans April 18, 2014 at 02:36 PM
I like to say - Thank you to all the Trliogy Park people and friends of Tim Smith - for stoping bye and getting raffle Tickets - it mean Tim - might have a chance for his eye site
Roland Lorans April 19, 2014 at 07:54 AM
We like to say - Thank you to all the Trilogy Park people and friends of Tim Smith - for stopping bye and getting raffle Tickets - it means Tim - might have a chance to regain his eye site. We are open Today and Sunday - come on over.


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