We Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Do you know the position of the presidential candidates on immigration reform?

Comprehensive immigration reform always brings out passionate people on all sides of the issue. Georgia passed an immigration bill in the last session of the General Assembly. There have been many opinions expressed regarding the legislation from that day forward. The colleges in our state are currently reacting to the portion of the bill where unregistered illegal aliens will not be allowed to enroll for classes in any of the state universities or colleges. The issue of immigration reform has now become a mainstay issue in the presidential debates. Each candidate is trying to outdo the other regarding their position on immigration.

Where do you stand on the issue of illegal immigration? Tell us in the comments.

Several observations come to mind as I confront the matter of illegal aliens living among us in Georgia. I have noticed any time the word comprehensive is used, the user of the word defines it. Normally, the concept of comprehensive would suggest a complete idea or concept on a matter. Dealing fully with an issue would be another way of expressing the reality of what the word comprehensive means. It seems, however, that when liberals use the word comprehensive they have another meaning. Their use of the word implies there can be no other way to look at any subject to which that word is attached. In the case of immigration, to attach the word comprehensive to the discussion as a liberal means that all conservative ideas are wrong and not worthy to be considered as part of the conversation. At some point in the discussion on illegal immigrants, there is always the use of a pathway to citizenship injected into the issue.

Many years ago (over 30), I attended a seminar in another state where the issue of globalism was one of the topics. At that time the leader of the seminar predicted that by the early to mid 21st century there would be no borders north or south in the United States. The leader gave what he saw as evidence that we would have open borders with no way to stop any and all who want to enter or leave our nation when that day arrives. We are closer to the prediction now than many of us really want to admit.

Our country is a desirable place to live and people strive for years to be able to move to the USA for a better life. We have laws that must be enforced regarding those who enter our nation. For those who wish to become citizens there is in place a process to follow, those who choose not to follow the established laws are breaking the law and need to be dealt with accordingly. From where I stand, amnesty is not an option. We have laws in place to deal with the issue of immigrants. We must seal our borders, making them secure and have each person entering to declare their intentions to become citizens or to be in the country only a short time for work, or as a tourist.

michelle December 18, 2011 at 05:03 PM
I am saddened by this authors lack of objectivity and empathy for people he obviously must not understand, as well as many of the comments reflecting similar ideals. How difficult is it to put yourself in someone else's shoes when they are poor, tired hungry and weak....wanting a better future for their children? Is that not what your great grand parents did for you? Undocumented Workers are immigrants in my opinion and should be allowed to pay their fines and based on length of time in U.S., family ties, no criminal record they should be allowed a visa or path to citizenship.
M.K. OSBORNE December 18, 2011 at 05:39 PM
illegal immigrants have broke the law .. hince the illegal part . you can call them visitors or majic ferry dust angels on vacation , the fact doesnt change that a law was broken a crime was committed and a punishment should persue !Now legal immigrants have went through the process hand in hand with the law and we welcome them with open arms!
North Georgia Weather December 18, 2011 at 11:31 PM
Yea, I just don't understand what part about "breaking the law" people don't understand. If I went and committed a crime, I would do so understanding the penalties and consequences for my actions. If I wasn't punished, are you telling me that's OK because you feel sorry for me? Another thing, it SHOULDN'T be easy to become a citizen. Why should it be? It is a privilege not a right. Tell me one country that makes it easy to enter illegally? And if you can, tell me the penalties if you get caught. And you don't really think that only the good people are coming here, all the bad people stay behind? Please.
Ray Newman December 19, 2011 at 01:32 AM
This author understands all too well what is happening in our country when we ignore the rule of law.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew January 28, 2012 at 06:37 AM
Michelle - There is not ONE thing that would stop YOU right now from legally using our current law to sponsor one such family, helping them to find jobs, housing, food medical care, transportation, language training, education, help with government hearings and essentially being an adoptive cousin for the next 15 years to ensure integration with our society for the good of the family and the USof A. I know this because I have first hand knowledge of a mirco-church, the total size of half a Sunday service choir at 12 stone. The members all chipped in supplies, time, baby sitting, training and direct love so the community was NOT burdened and no government money was abused at all. Its a REAL long term project, one the church in general is capable of doing with NO additional lobbying or changes, but so can all those who truly believe these individuals deserve this opportunity to become a citizen or legal resident alien. UNTIL those who claim that we must have MORE amnesties like we have had since 1908 can show US they are involved in the manner I have described on a PERSONAL level, I assert your claim to injustice is invalid and hypocritical at best.


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