What Will You Do With That Unwanted Gift?

Did you get a present you don't really like? Here are six things to do with your unwanted gifts.

It has happens to everyone eventually -- someone, no matter how well-intentioned, gives you a gift that you cannot use or simply do not like.  

Assuming you don't want to hurt the gift-giver's feelings by screaming "Yuck!" and hurling the present in his or her face, there are other options for ridding yourself of that unwanted gift.

1. Re-gift it - You might not like that Christmas sweater or those fuzzy slippers, but perhaps you know someone who would. As long as you truly believe the intended recipient would appreciate the item, why not give that unwanted present to someone who would enjoy it?

2. Donate it - One person's unwanted gift is another person's treasure. Goodwill, the Salvation Army and other charitable organizations could perhaps make good use of your donation.

3. Sell it - This could get tricky if the gift-giver sees the item on e-Bay or Amazon Marketplace, but the odds of getting away with it are probably in your favor. If you are successful in your efforts you could always buy yourself something you really like.

4. Return it - If the gift has a tag -- or better yet a gift receipt -- you can always return it to the store where it was purchased for an exchange, a store credit or perhaps even a cash refund. 

5. Fix it - Take a good look at the unwanted gift and see if you can come up with a way to make it into something you would like. Sometimes a coat of paint can do wonders or perhaps you can use it in a manner other than how it was intended to be used. Get creative and you might realize you have a treasure on your hands after all.

6. Trash it - If all else fails, put it in the recycling bin if possible and, if not, trash it. Sometimes that is just what needs to be done and there is no reason to start the new year with unnecessary clutter in your closets.

Did you get an unwanted present this year? What do you plan to do with it? Let us know in the comments.


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