8-Year-Old Assaulted With Baseball Bat

Incident occurred during football game in Hamilton Mill.

An 8-year-old boy was struck with a baseball bat when an Oct. 15 neighborhood football game took a violent turn.

According to police, several children were playing football at a Hamilton Mill home when one of the boys, age 7, grabbed a baseball bat and struck one of the other players. Several adults rushed in and took the bat from the child. The mother of the bat-wielding child ran to check on the child that had been hit and sent her child inside their home. The child reportedly came back outside with two butcher knives. The knives were taken away before the child left the property. A witness said the child then grabbed a golf club and began swinging it in anger. At that point, the uncle of the child that had been hit called police.

The mother of the bat-wielding child said her son had been diagnosed with a medical disorder that manifests with aggressive behavior. The uncle of the child that had been hit said he was aware of the issue since the bat-wielding child had broken one of his windows with a shovel in May.

Juvenile court officials later instructed the investigating officer to file an aggravated assault charge against the 7-year-old assailant.

When advised of the charge, the parents of the assailants explained their child was in counseling and had been provoked prior to the incident. The mother accused two of the other football players of “picking on” her child and knocking him down any time they had the opportunity.

The case is now being handled by the juvenile court system.

Other recent incidents investigated by the Gwinnett County Police Department include: 

Oct. 9

  • Theft by deception in the 1000 block of Grayson Oaks Drive. 

Oct. 11

  • Motor vehicle theft in the 1500 block of Bramlett Hill Drive.
  • Burglary in the 1400 block of Harbins Road.
  • Financial transaction card fraud in the 2200 block of Lakeway Drive.
  • Burglary in the 500 block of Cedar Court. 

Oct. 13

  • Identity fraud in the 1400 block of Ivey Pointe Drive.
  • Second-degree criminal damage in the 2700 block of Links Overlook Drive.
  • Theft by taking in the 2500 block of Harbins Road.
  • Theft by taking in the 1200 block of Winder Highway. 

Oct. 14

  • Second-degree criminal damage in the 1700 block of Greyleaf Lane.
  • Vandalism near the intersection of Pipeline Road and Stanley Road.
  • Entering auto in the 500 block of Chadmon Court Trace.
  • Entering auto in the 2400 block of Kelman Place.
  • Theft by taking in the 700 block of Fairview Club Lane.
  • Theft by taking in the 1700 block of Harbins Road. 

Oct. 15

  • Theft, lost or mislaid property in the 400 block of Hurricane Shoals Road.
  • Entering auto in the 400 block of Rabbit Hill Road.
  • Entering auto in the 300 block of Circle Road.
  • Entering auto in the 1000 block of Fairview Club Circle.
  • Motor vehicle theft in the 4300 block of Hog Mountain Road.
  • Aggravated assault in the 1800 block of Sanborne Way. 

Oct. 16

  • Aggravated assault in the 2400 block of Hamilton Mill Road.
  • Theft by taking in the 1400 block of Cains Road. 

Oct. 17

  • Entering auto in the 3000 block of Grove View Court.

Oct. 18

  • Burglary in the 3500 block of Indian Shoals Road.
  • Vandalism in the 1700 block of Flowery Branch Road. 

Oct. 19

  • Motor vehicle theft in the 3800 block of Fence Road.


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Ed Varn October 22, 2011 at 09:34 PM
Oh, absolutely Tim. As we all know this kind of thing NEVER happens anywhere else. But let's single out HM for this. Stereotype much?
Cynthia Montgomery October 23, 2011 at 12:47 AM
I have been a resident of HM for 14 years. As a member of the Dacula PTA years ago when HM & AF was wanting to zone into the area, we fought against the development because we knew our children would be in trailers from then on. Here we are 23 years later & yes they are still learning in trailers. But, let's get to the point Tim & Ed. We had been residents of Dacula for years before HM came online. Knowing that this development would hold it 's value & increase in value, we decided to purchase a home in HM. Later that spring while at a DAA game, we mentioned we had moved when asked by a sports friend where to meet later that week. I will never forget their response, "Oh you live over there now, your one of them!" Friends for years, children played together, on the same ball teams, kids spent the night at each others houses & then to hear that rude comment told me that we were not in "Kansas" anymore. It is still the same with some people as they judge you for where you live, what you drive, &what you wear. Narrow Minded? If you have been harmed by a parent in HM then the truth is you have been harmed by a person first & they live in HM second. We see children with behavior issues through out the county. I feel for the injured child & also for the family that is walking through the trying issue of a child with behavior issues. I wish both families well. I do know that in HM, we are blessed to have caring families living here just as other neighborhoods do also.
SomeLady October 23, 2011 at 01:09 AM
How is the kid who got hit with the bat doing? Is he ok?
Kristi Reed October 23, 2011 at 01:52 AM
According to police, the child is ok.
Dacula Patch Reader October 24, 2011 at 04:07 PM
This incident has nothing at all to do with the parents of Hamilton Mill. A child was attacked with a baseball bat; thank goodness he wasn't seriously injured or worse! The kids in this neighborhood are no different from children anywhere else. They're always running around playing together and often times will get a game of football going. Never has there been an incident where one child has attacked another in this manner until last weekend. While everyone sympathizes with the family of this child, we cannot do so at the expense of the safety of the other children in the neighborhood. I live in this particular neighborhood and can firmly say that the children who were present at the time of the attack were very shaken by what they witnessed, as were the parents. Had the boy been struck in the head with the bat, there's no telling where we'd be today. If the 3 adult men who stepped in to subdue the attacker had not been able to do so, I fear for what might have happened when the child was wielding the butcher knives. On a side note, the child who was hit with the baseball bat was taken to his pediatrition. He suffered injuries to his left hip and shoulder when he maneuvered himself away from the blows of the bat, which he believes were aimed for his head and neck area. It should also be noted that the child who was attacked was not a resident of the neighborhood. He was visiting his aunt, uncle and cousins at the time of the incident.


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