Arrestee Has ‘Choice Words’ for Officer

Man arrested for possession of methamphetamine makes disparaging remarks about police officer, law enforcement in general and the police department.

An Alpharetta man was less than pleased with a Gwinnett County police officer after being arrested in the parking lot of the Hamilton Mill Walmart on Nov. 12.

An officer was dispatched to Walmart in response to a report of a male walking up to vehicles, peering inside and attempting to open the doors. A witness advised the officer that the suspicious male, later identified as Aaron Norman, 29, of 1512 Addison Lane in Alpharetta, was sitting in a white Nissan Infiniti.

As the officer approached the Infiniti, Norman exited the vehicle and locked the doors. When the officer asked Norman what he was doing, Norman said he was waiting for his wife and child who were inside Walmart. Norman claimed he had been sitting in the car for approximately 30 minutes.

Norman did not have any identification with him, but a criminal database check using his name and date of birth showed an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court for traffic violations.

The officer placed Norman under arrest and attempted to page the wife inside the store. After 20 minutes, the wife had still not responded, so the officer called for a tow truck to remove Norman’s vehicle from the Walmart parking lot.

In accordance with departmental procedure, the officer conducted an inventory of Norman’s vehicle prior to the tow truck’s arrival. During the course of the inventory, the officer discovered $126 in currency, Norman’s wallet and passport and a small Ziploc-type bag containing a substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine. Norman denied the money was his and described it as “play money.”

Before the tow truck arrived at Walmart, the officer made contact with Norman’s wife. After obtaining permission from the Walmart manager, the officer agreed to leave the vehicle in the parking lot until Norman’s wife could retrieve it.

While enroute to the jail, Norman had several “choice words” to say about the officer, the law enforcement profession and the Gwinnett County Police Department.

According to the officer’s report, “Norman stated I was only harassing him because I was ‘another [expletive deleted] with a badge’ and the entire department was corrupt.” Norman further advised that his attorney would see to it that the officer lost his job if the officer made any errors.

After delivering Norman to the jail, the officer went to police headquarters to place the money and suspected methamphetamine in evidence. While placing the money in evidence, the officer determined five $20 dollar bills and one $10 bill were counterfeit.

Norman was charged with possession of a controlled substance, loitering and second-degree forgery.


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