Arrestee: ‘How the Hell Did I Get in a Police Car?’

Reportedly intoxicated male awakens upon arrival at jail saying, “I know I’m a violator but what did I do?”

A Dacula man literally had a rude awakening upon finding himself in a patrol car after a night of drinking at a local bar.

Gwinnett County Police were called to Shenanigans, located at 1250 Auburn Road, in the early morning hours of Nov. 25 after patrons and employees were unsuccessful in their attempts to calm Billy Thompson Jr., 37, of Dacula.  

An officer arrived at the scene and saw Thompson swaying back and forth while another man kept him from falling to the ground.

“When I walked up to the male, I heard a woman yell to me, ‘Officer, be careful. That guy will hit you’,” the officer wrote in the arrest report.

Several male patrons advised that Thompson had struck them when they tried to help him. None of the men wanted to prosecute. 

Due to Thompson’s seemingly inebriated condition, the officer advised him to sit down before he fell down.

“At that point the male just stared at me and all of his body weight went forward which caused his legs to buckle,” the officer wrote. “I held onto his left arm but the male fell face first onto the sidewalk of the establishment.”

At that point, the officer placed Thompson under arrest for public intoxication and assisted him to his feet.

“Thompson could barely walk to my police car,” the officer wrote in the report. “Once at the car he refused to get in the back seat. He just yelled ‘No, no, no’ over and over again.”

After finally getting in the car, Thompson reportedly kicked the rear window with his feet. The window was not damaged, but Thompson’s feet were subsequently secured to prevent further attempts.

According to the police report, Thompson awakened upon his arrival at the jail and said, “How the hell did I get in a police car? Why am I in a police car? I know I’m a violator but what did I do?”

Once inside the jail, Thompson allegedly became irate and aggressive, becoming increasingly combative with the deputies.

“The deputies took him to a cell, took the handcuffs off and left him by himself. The whole time Thompson was yelling profanity and doing his best to resist the deputies,” the report stated.

Thompson was issued a citation for disorderly conduct and released the following day on a $125 bond.

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