Arrestee Tells Officer He Only Had Scale to Avoid Getting Ripped off When Buying Marijuana

Man and his passenger arrested after officer stops vehicle for expired tag.

An expired tag recently led to the arrest of two Buford men on various drug-related charges.

On Jan. 16, a Gwinnett County Police officer stopped a silver Subaru on Nelson Brogdon Boulevard after noticing the vehicle’s tag had expired in October of 2010.

As the officer approached the vehicle, the driver, identified as Kamron Russell, age 20, rolled down his window.

“From several feet away, I immediately smelled a pungent, musty odor that I recognized as marijuana,” the officer wrote in the report. “I could smell both the sweet, raw smell of fresh marijuana as well as the burnt, musty smell of burnt marijuana.”

When told the reason for the traffic stop, Russell said the car was his brother’s and he did not know the registration was expired. As he was looking in the glove box for the registration information, the officer noticed a bottle of “Blunt Power” air freshener in the glove box.

“I also noticed that the ashtray was full of loose tobacco, indicative of someone dumping out a cigar’s tobacco in order to refill its wrapper with marijuana,” the report stated.

The officer then noticed a piece of green, leafy material on the passenger seat and asked the passenger, 19-year-old Kyle Eubanks, what it was. Eubanks initially said it was lint, but admitted it was a marijuana stem when the officer asked to see it.

Both Russell and Eubanks denied having any marijuana in the vehicle, but admitted smoking it earlier in the evening at a friend’s house. Due to the strong odor of marijuana and the presence of a marijuana stem, the officer instructed the men to step out of the car.

While patting Russell down for weapons, the officer found a digital scale in Russell’s coat pocket. When asked why he had a scale, Russell reportedly said he kept it with him so that he doesn’t get “ripped off” when buying marijuana. 

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