Bag of Meth Falls out of Man's Jacket Pocket While Talking to Police

Man was attempting to find his proof of insurance after crashing his vehicle into the side of a building.

A Buford man under investigation for crashing his car into a Buford Highway business suddenly found himself in even deeper trouble when a bag of methamphetamine fell out of his pocket as he spoke with police.

Gwinnett County Police were called to a business in the 2200 block of Buford Highway on Feb. 12 after a vehicle crashed into the side of the building. The store clerk called because she suspected the driver might attempt to leave the scene.

When police arrived, the driver, identified as Thomas Chandler, 60, of Buford, was standing next to the vehicle. When asked what happened, Chandler said he had looked down and accidentally rolled his car into the building.

The officer requested Chandler's proof of insurance. Chandler could not find it in the vehicle, but then remembered it was in his jacket pocket.

"When he removed his proof of insurance from the pocket, I observed and heard a small pink baggie containing a white crystal substance hit the pavement between his feet," the officer noted in the report. 

When asked what was in the baggie, Chandler reportedly replied, "I don't know. It could possibly be cocaine." He then allegedly added, "This isn't my jacket so I don't know what could be in the pockets."

Upon further questioning, Chandler claimed he grabbed the jacket on his way out of the house. Chandler was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance. According to the report, he later told the officer not to "mess up" his jacket since it was a gift.

The substance in the baggie field tested positive for methamphetamines. Chandler was transported to the Gwinnett County Jail. He was released Feb. 15 on a $2,400 bond.

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