Cop Ends Neighborhood Fireworks Show

Approximately $1,300 worth of illegal pyrotechnic devices confiscated.

A Gwinnett County police sergeant put an abrupt end to a neighborhood fireworks show on July 2.

According to the police report, the sergeant was patrolling the area of Campbell Road and Alcovy Road when he noticed fireworks being shot off in Wolf Creek subdivision.

Upon further investigation, the sergeant found a block party inside the subdivision.

“As I pulled up where the fireworks were coming from, multiple sets of fireworks were being set off causing an extreme amount of explosions in the air,” the sergeant wrote in his report.

The sergeant advised the people in possession of the fireworks that the skyrockets were illegal and must be surrendered to him immediately. When the individuals advised they had purchased over $1,300 worth of pyrotechnic devices and had held a neighborhood fireworks show for the past six years, the sergeant informed them it was still illegal and that they should have known that it was against the law given they had to cross state lines to obtain the fireworks.

The sergeant stood by as the individuals loaded all of the remaining fireworks into the back of his patrol vehicle. No citations were issued. Once back at the precinct, the sergeant doused the fireworks in water and disposed of them.

In Georgia, permitted fireworks include “Wire or wood sparklers of 100 grams or less of mixture per item; other sparkling items which are non-explosive and non-aerial and contain 75 grams or less of chemical compound per tube or a total of 200 grams or less for multiple tubes; snake and glow worms; trick noise makers which include paper streamers, party poppers, string poppers, snappers, and drop pops each consisting of 0.25 grains or less of explosive mixture.”

Fireworks such as firecrackers, skyrockets and cherry bombs are illegal to sell or use. Violations of the law can result in a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to one year in jail.

Other recent Dacula area incidents investigated by the Gwinnett County Police Department include:

July 6

  • Burglary in the 1900 block of New Hope Road.
  • Minor in possession of alcohol in the 2600 block of Braselton Highway.


July 7

  • Entering auto in the 500 block of Gran Heritage Way.
  • Theft by taking in the 2800 block of Callie Still Road.


July 8

  • Theft of livestock in the 1900 block of Brooks Road.
  • Entering auto in the 500 block of Gran Heritage Way.


July 9

  • Theft or lost/mislaid property in the 600 block of Dacula Road.


July 10

  • Simple battery in the 2700 block of Fort Hampton Court.
  • Simple battery in the 2000 block of Alcovy Trace Way.

For questions about this blotter, email kristi.reed@patch.com.

James Cooper July 14, 2011 at 04:11 AM
It boils down to he had nothing better to do that night. It is the law, and the law should be changed. I have personally broken this one many times. I'm glad I live just over the line in Walton.
Ed Varn July 14, 2011 at 01:37 PM
"Some laws are OK to be broken." And that attitude speaks volumes to the problems this country faces today. And James, since you were obviously cruising with the officer that night, please give us your insight as to what else the officer encountered that evening, since you know he had "nothing better to do". If one of these fireworks had exploded prematurely and, God forbid, injured or even killed someone, you people would be screaming bloody murder about why aren't the police enforcing the law? There is a reason for some laws (in this case, obtaining a permit to shoot off explosive objects). Agree that if you don't like the law, then get it changed. But don't piss on the authorities for enforcing them when they're on the books.
TheLaw July 14, 2011 at 02:42 PM
It boils down to a Law Enforcement Officer enforcing the law, which is his/her job. While I don't agree with every law on the books, I don't fault LEOs for doing their job. I work with my Representatives to try and change the laws I don't agree with. I don't like to drive 55 MPH on the highway. I usually don't. If I get pulled over and receive a speeding ticket, I don't blame the Officer. I don't make excuses. I don't try to fight the ticket in court on a technicality. Firework laws were most likely made because the world is full of idiots. Drunks playing with fire and explosives don't mix. People and children get hurt and property gets damaged. This requires Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMT to expend resources. While I don't agree that the government should regulate stupidity, currently, it is against the law in GA to use fireworks like the people in this story were using and the LEO did exactly what he should have done.
Robert July 14, 2011 at 05:39 PM
I was there that night. No one cared what was left of the fireworks got taken. The problem was the way this officer acted as soon as he got out of his truck. Screaming at everyone, threatening to take everyone to jail, kids included and in general being a real smart ass. We were very polite and abiding but isn’t police officers trained to defuse situations not arrive looking for a fight?? Kids were crying about the way this guy was acting. Ed, before you say – it was your fault for all of this! Yes it was. I just think he could have handled himself a little differently around kids. Your attitude sounds a lot like that officers. We all were not some thugs selling crack to kids. Yes we broke the law and got caught, guilty. He did his job. Our complaint was his attitude. He is not a good representative of the GCPD And the comment about enforcing the laws, Ed isn’t there a law against kids riding ATV’s at night, no helmets, no lights on the road. They rode right past the 3 Police cars, Out of the 3 officers that showed up one stopped them and told them to ride on the sidewalk. Really? I’m sure there is a LAW against that. Looks like they pick and choose what laws to enforce? Oh and by the way, on July 4th we sat in our street and watched someone shoot off illegal fireworks for 1 hour and you guessed it, no police. Everyone involved is over it. Just a cop on a ego trip enforcing the “Law” a bunch of homeowners broke. It wont happen again.
TheLaw July 14, 2011 at 08:51 PM
If you felt that this Officer did not act in an appropriate manner, you should file a complaint with the Department and his Superiors. He should have called out once he arrived onsite and there may be audio of the conversations. The Supervisors will be able to review this information and deal with it accordingly.


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