Dacula Man Claims He Was Kidnapped, Stripped Naked and Beaten

The victim told Lawrenceville Police the incident occurred around Hurricane Shoals Road and Wellness Way. Quentin Michael Monday, 28, of Buford has been arrested in connection to the incident.

The victim of a kidnapping and armed robbery incident that took place in Lawrenceville believes his ex-girlfriend set him up. 

According to the Lawrenceville Police report, four men allegedly grabbed the victim, a 24-year-old man from Dacula, while he was in his ex-girlfriend's car off Hurricane Shoals Road and Wellness Way the evening of Feb. 23.

The men dragged him inside their Ford Expedition and, according to the victim, kept punching and hitting him with the butt of a pistol. They drove him around the city, had him take off all his clothes and continued to threaten and beat him for 20 minutes. Afterward, the suspects pushed him out of the car off Maltbie Street, where he was able to somewhat dress himself and walk to a location off West Pike Street to contact police.

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His BlackBerry, wallet, driver's license and $210 in cash were among the items taken from him in the robbery. The suspects also threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, who had been driving the car he was pulled from, he said.

Despite the threats, he believed he was jumped because his ex-girlfriend, a 27-year-old from Decatur, had told the suspects that he had robbed them the previous night. He told Lawrenceville Police that he did not rob them and that his girlfriend was a drug addict and a liar. The suspects, whom he'd met before, were her friends, and he knew where they lived in Buford.

Officers noticed he needed to be treated at the hospital, but the victim refused to be transported by ambulance. He requested that he be taken to his room at the Holiday Inn Express first to get a new room key, since his was stolen in the ordeal, and retrieve some clothing, and then he would go to the hospital. 

Officers noticed something was off in his room, though. The room had been purchased under a different name, but he explained that he was using his friend's credit card since he didn't have one.

The officers also saw several large and small knives in the room. The man explained that they were him and his friend's knives, and he needed them for "protection," according to the report.

After dropping the victim off at the hospital, officers reviewed security camera footage from the hotel. The footage shows the ex-girlfriend arriving at the hotel at 6:30 p.m. to pick him up, with a dark-colored Expedition following her. She walked inside the hotel while the SUV pulled around the corner and parked out of view. A few minutes later, the exes are seen walking together and leaving the parking lot in her car, and the Expedition follows seconds later.

The ex-girlfriend met with police and told her version of the story. After she and her ex left the hotel, she said, the two went to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken and then they headed to CVS. She missed the turn into the parking lot and was going to turn around, but that was when they were jumped, she said. Her ex had told a similar story to police earlier.

She explained that she waited for the men to drag her ex out of the car so that she could drive off. She went to her house since she was afraid and didn't know what to do, and she had no idea who the men were, she told police.

Officers allowed her to leave after she gave her statement, and then police met with the victim again, who was willing to direct them to the suspects' house in Buford. When the home was in view, a green Ford Expedition was spotted in the driveway with the door hanging open.

As police attempted to move towards the home, the vehicle left the residence. With the help of Gwinnett County Police officers, though, they conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle and were able to detain the driver after he attempted to flee the scene on foot twice.

The victim positively identified the driver, Quentin Michael Monday, 28, of Buford, as one of the suspects in the car and he was arrested on charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, armed robbery, false imprisonment, obstruction and battery, among other traffic-related citations. The report does not list what happened to the three other men.

Blood was found on Monday's clothing and all over the car, according to the report.

While in handcuffs, the suspect told police there was a large shipment of cocaine and weapons being delivered in the city and that he was orchestrating the deal. The police report does not mention anything else about the shipment.



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