Dacula Man Logs Two Arrests Just Days Apart

Man arrested by Gwinnett County Police and Snellville Police on unrelated loitering and animal cruelty charges.

A Dacula man provided local law enforcement with plenty of work during a stretch of activity that included a fight and two arrests.

On July 5, . Police were unable to determine who started the fight and no arrests were made.

Five days later, Snellville Police encountered Archer and his ex-wife Caren near a dumpster behind the Dollar Store on Henry Clower Boulevard. The couple said they were looking for boxes. During the course of the investigation, an officer asked for permission to search Archer’s vehicle. The officer found a glass pipe of the type commonly used to smoke methamphetamine and an empty yellow Ziploc bag containing white residue.

The officer questioned the couple and both denied knowing to whom the items belonged. The officer seized the drug-related items and charged Archer with loitering. Caren was not charged.  Archer was taken to the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

While still in jail, a Gwinnett County Police officer interviewed Archer regarding several animals found at the home he shares with Caren. Animal control officers responded to the home on July 11 after a Sheriff’s deputy noticed the animals appeared neglected. Animal control officers removed three dogs and a rat from the location. One of the dogs was reportedly emaciated and another appeared to have a leg injury. The third dog and the rat were in good health. Animal control officers also advised that two horses were at the location, one of which appeared to have health issues. While at the home, animal control officers took photos of the interior. The photos reportedly showed feces spread throughout the house and a dog crate with dirty water and excrement in it.

Archer said he was watching one of the dogs for a friend and was nursing the emaciated dog back to health after finding it in a dumpster three weeks prior. He said the other animals were his pets. Archer, who described himself as an animal lover, said he intended to clean the house when he was released from jail, but did not have the money to take the animals to the vetenarian.

On July 12, Archer was released from jail on a $215 bond related to the loitering charge. That same day, the officer investigating the animal cruelty charges received a veterinary report indicating one of Archer’s dogs had hookworms, ticks and fleas. Another dog had ticks, fleas, hookworms and whipworms. The emaciated dog had fleas, parasites and a fever. Two days later, the officer met with an animal control officer and the two determined animal cruelty charges against Archer were warranted due to the lack of veterinary care and limited availability of food and water. Archer was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail on July 18 and charged with animal cruelty. He is currently being held on a $2,950 bond.

A warrant for animal cruelty was also obtained against Caren Archer.


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