Dacula Teens Accused of Sexual Assault

Victim, 15, said two male acquaintances accosted her after conversation “turned perverted” in nature.

A 15-year-old female said she was groped, bitten and exposed during a June 12 sexual assault that occurred near the intersection of Freemans Mill Road and Franklin Drive.

The female said she and a friend accompanied two male teens on a walk. The four teens were sitting in a grassy area and talking when the conversation “turned perverted.” According to the victim, the 17-year-old male suspect expressed his desire to see her breasts and perform oral sex on her. The victim and her friend attempted to leave, but the suspect began grabbing handfuls of grass and stuffing them down the victim’s shirt. When the victim resisted, the suspect allegedly pushed her down, got on top of her and began to kiss and lick her chest above the collar of her shirt. The victim said she screamed and pushed the suspect away, but, before she could leave, he grabbed her by the leg and pulled her back down to the ground.

Once the victim was on the ground, the suspect and the other male, who is a juvenile, reportedly lifted the victim’s shirt and exposed her breasts. The victim said the suspect was sucking on one breast while the juvenile bit the other one.

The victim said she struggled to get free and was finally able to sit up when the suspect put his hand down her pants and the juvenile grabbed her underwear from behind and pulled it “all the way up.” According to the victim, she managed to get to her feet before the 17-year-old suspect pushed her down causing her to strike her head and lose consciousness. When the victim awoke, her friend was trying to get the suspect off of her. The victim said she managed to kick the suspect in the groin and she and her friend fled.

When questioned by police, the victim’s friend collaborated the victim’s story. The victim’s friend said she was frightened and started to run away, but stopped when she heard her friend calling for help. When she ran over to intervene, she said both male suspects were on top of her friend and the older suspect was attempting to unbutton her friend’s pants. The friend told police she tried to stop the assault by “screaming, hitting and clawing” at the two males.

The friend was able to provide police with the full name, address and phone number of the 17-year-old suspect. When the officer called the number and asked for the suspect by name, the male who answered the phone immediately disconnected. The officer called back and left a voice message that the suspect returned several hours later.

The suspect apologized for hanging up on the officer and said he had panicked. According to the suspect, he and the victim had been “playing around” when the victim accidentally kicked him in the groin. The suspect said the victim felt bad and lay down beside him. The suspect claimed the victim offered to make him feel better by removing her shirt and bra. The suspect claimed the juvenile suspect and the victim’s friend watched while he sucked the victim's breast. 

The victim had several injuries including what appeared to be a bite mark, several abrasions, a cut on her lower back and a laceration on her nipple. The special victims unit and crime scene investigation unit were contacted.

The case is listed as active.

The Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault offers several tips for reducing the risk of sexual assault and also offers specific advice for teen victims of sexual assault or rape. Click here for more information about discussing sexual violence with your teen.

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andrea cordell June 23, 2012 at 08:08 PM
This less like a news story and more like a chapter in a graphic adult novel. Bit much?
andrea cordell June 23, 2012 at 08:09 PM
This reads less like a news story and more like a chapter in a graphic adult novel. Bit much?


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