Dacula Woman Attacked by Man She Met Online

Suspect grabbed the woman by the neck and place a towel over her face to keep her quiet.

A woman said she was attacked in her Dacula home by a man she met in an online chat room.

The woman told Gwinnett County officers she contacted a man she met online and gave him the address to her home. The man asked if he could come over and the woman told him that would be fine.

On his second visit to her home, the man brought another male with him that he identified as his cousin. According to the police report, the cousin pulled out a gun and pointed it up into the air. The cousin then grabbed the woman by the neck and began choking her. The woman reported that she was pushed to a bed, held down and told to "shut up and be quiet." The woman also said a towel was placed over her face.

While the woman was being held down by the cousin, the man she met online ran upstairs. When he returned, the two men fled through the basement door and left the scene in a vehicle the woman described as a black BMW passenger car.

The woman advised that the only thing taken from her home was the battery to her cell phone. The woman's grandmother, who was upstairs at the time of the attack, told police she was in her room with her cell phone in her hand when a man opened her door. The grandmother yelled, "Who are you?" and the man replied that the woman's granddaughter had sent him upstairs to use the bathroom.

The man from the online chat was described as a dark-skinned, black male with a tall, slender build approximately 6 feet tall and weighing 190 pounds. The woman added that the man had crooked teeth. The man's cousin was described as a black male with short hair and a goatee.

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nicole November 24, 2012 at 03:50 PM
WOW...This is 2012, I cant believe we still have women out there in chat rooms inviting complete strangers to come to their house. She needs to watch the news more and a few lifetime movies. My gosh, atleast go on Match.com where you can see these people instead of a chat room you have no clue who your talking to. WOW is all I can say
SUNKEN SUB December 02, 2012 at 07:10 PM
* Was the guy big and hulking with black rimmed glasses ? He's a French model. Don't ya'll watch TV ?


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