Deputy Arrested in Dacula for DUI

Concerned citizen reported seeing man drive in a circle in the middle of I-85.

A Gwinnett County Sheriff’s deputy is on administrative leave following a June 26 arrest for driving under the influence.

A Gwinnett County Police officer stopped Melvin Robinson Jr., 40, of Dacula, on Fence Road near Highway 316 after observing Robinson driving well below the posted limit, weaving, crossing a solid white line and nearly striking a curb.

According to the police report, a caller reported seeing a black GMC Denali drive in a circle on I-85 northbound, north of Pleasant Hill Road. The caller advised the vehicle was traveling very slowly and weaving “all over the road.” The caller provided police with the vehicle tag number. The tag number returned to a vehicle registered to Robinson. After seeing Robinson’s address on the registration information, a GCPD officer headed towards Dacula where he located the vehicle and conducted the traffic stop after observing Robinson’s driving.

When asked for his license, Robinson reportedly advised that he was a deputy and, when confronted about his driving, denied that he had been driving abnormally. In his report, the GCPD officer noted he could smell a “strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the driver.”

Robinson initially denied having anything to drink, but, according to the report, later admitted having one beer. When the GCPD officer asked Robinson if he was willing to undergo standardized field sobriety tests, Robinson allegedly replied, “Come on man” to which the officer replied, “If you really work for Gwinnett County, you know how we operate. There ain’t no ‘come on man’ in Gwinnett County.”

As a result of the field sobriety tests, the officer determined Robinson had been driving under the influence. An alco-sensor evaluation also indicated the presence of alcohol in Robinson’s system.

Robinson was placed under arrest and transported to the Gwinnett County Detention Center. The results of the state administered breath test indicated Robinson’s blood alcohol level was .167. Robinson was cited for DUI and failure to maintain lane.

According to Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Stacey Bourbonnais, Robinson has been placed in a non-law enforcement capacity pending an internal investigation.

TheLaw July 07, 2011 at 06:04 PM
Cynthia's comments relating to Zero Tolerance explain quite a bit about here belief and her previous post. Anyone who believes Zero Tolerance is a good thing has a very narrow view on life.
boo July 07, 2011 at 07:35 PM
told you she would delete comments
Jeff July 07, 2011 at 09:53 PM
So much for free expression, eh?
Jeff July 07, 2011 at 09:56 PM
I never disagreed that this man shouldn't go to jail and probably lose his job. He should. If he worked for me, he would be applying for unemployment, in the near future, IF he is guilty. I just didn't enjoy Cynthia's tyrade based on her personal vendetta against law enforcement. You can't say that she doesn't because it's right there in black & white (and green). Peace out...
Jeff July 07, 2011 at 09:58 PM
Geez, you just never quit! Your poor significant other.
Cynthia Montgomery July 07, 2011 at 10:20 PM
The entire Georgia school systems and others believe in ZERO TOLERANCE and so along with the largest school system in the southeast, I am honored to be labeled narrow minded! So what is it... Is it that he got caught or is it that you want drunks on the road? For the life of me, I can't understand why you are supporting a drunk who presents himself as a leader in our community. If you put on a uniform or teach our children, the job comes with standards required from the public. I do not look at those in uniform as law breakers,drunks, drug users & strippers. I expect them to live the standard they are setting for their communities. Call it narrow minded, call it judging, but the truth is 18 people died this past weekend and 39% were caused "DRUNKS" according to the POLICE THAT RESPONDED TO THE CALLS! DO you want to call those families who lost their family this weekend and tell them to quit their belly aching and give the drunk, that killed their family member ,a break? I was unaware that people deny being drunk or lied about being drunk when getting pulled over. Continue to support drunks to drink by saying it is narrow minded to speak out about drunks and they will continue to believe they had a right to drive drunk. Channel your anger into helping this a person, with a drinking problem, to get into counseling or into AA. I am sure his family wishes he had not brought this "HONOR" to his family so, why are you supporting him?
Cynthia Montgomery July 07, 2011 at 11:38 PM
JEFF, I am a huge supporter of the fine men & women in uniform, both military & our public servants. Sometime when I write, I touch a nerve because the reader has had a personal experience with the topic. They write from their heart, not from anger and name calling. My childhood was affected when parents that were maimed by a drunk driver when I was 5. I come to my drunk driving beliefs through first hand life experiences. I had college friends that were drunks & it changed their lives for the worse. I have never met anyone who was a heavy drinker that said, "YES, THIS HAS BEEN A GREAT THING IN MY LIFE, YOU SHOULD DO IT !" I enjoy a drink when GA bets FLA so, you know how often that is! I like my community, friends, and family so I try to hold myself to a high standard because I don't want to bring shame to myself or to others I love. There is no honor in making poor decisions. I don't understand your obvious anger towards me because I am angered by a drunk on the road? I was just as upset when the Hwy 124 lady was hit by another drunk driver, so what gives? Sorry if my beliefs that drunk driving is wrong has hit a personal nerve with you. Maybe we can respect each other's views in the future. A united community is a strong community.
Ed Varn July 07, 2011 at 11:47 PM
Cynthia, you really believe that the school system enforces a strict zero tolerance policy? Seriously? Really? NO exceptions?
TheLaw July 08, 2011 at 12:30 AM
Cynthia - since you started you last post with the zero tolerance statement, I can only assume you were replying to me. First, I'll point out that the entire Georgia School System does not believe in the Zero Tolerance policy as my wife, a teacher in the GA System for 10 years disagrees with it. In your comment you state that "The entire Georgia school systems and others believe in ZERO TOLERANCE and so along with the largest school system in the southeast, I am honored to be labeled narrow minded". This just goes to prove that you can't make a decision alone on the subject and chose to go with the policy because that's what you believe, incorrectly I might add, that the entire GA systems believes. Furthermore, the GA public school system is terrible, as is many other districts in the country today. This is why I struggle daily and do without, to have the ability to send my children to private school. The zero tolerance policy has punished and tarnished some great children’s records over issues that should have been dealt with using a common sense approach. Suspending an honor student for bring a nail file to school was a terrible outcome of the zero tolerance policy you seem to love so much. When a student brings a knife to school to do harm to others, they should be dealt with as severely as the policy of the school system allows. As educators, there should be someone there at the school bright enough to able to determine the difference between the two. To be Continued.
TheLaw July 08, 2011 at 12:31 AM
Next, I’ll move on to the alleged drunk driver that was arrested. Please point out where I supported him or any other person for drunk driving? Please show me where I stated this person should be held in any different light than any other person charged with the same offense. You continue to try and put this person on a higher pedestal. This person is not a leader. He is currently a Law Enforcement Officer. Having worked on that field in the past, I can assure you, if found guilty, he will suffer a greater consequence than that of a civilian found guilty of the same offense. In most cases, a person does not lose their job because insurance and liability reasons after a conviction of DUI. There are obvious exceptions to the rule before you start listing off other professions. You have already convicted this man. You have no evidence and have heard one side of the story yet you have sentenced them man and would probably push for the death penalty given the chance based on your responses. I simply stated that this person deserved his day in court just like every other American. “IF” he is found guilty, he should suffer the consequences set forth by law. to be continued..
TheLaw July 08, 2011 at 12:31 AM
You not being aware that people deny being drunk, or try to get out of being arrested by pleading/bargaining with a LEO clearly shows you have little knowledge on this subject and are filling this thread with nothing other than emotional outbursts. I have experience in this subject; I have knowledge of these types of incidents. I have spoken to family members before. It’s no fun. I stated I thought you were narrow minded based on your beliefs in the zero tolerance policy. You tried to equate my comment to the alleged drunk driver. I’m not sure how you managed the two since I made separate post. I choose not to drink. I don’t chastise others if they choose to do so. I don’t hang out with people or in places where people who drink too much frequent. If I left an establishment and witnessed a person displaying signs of impaired motor skills getting ready to drive, or driving, I would alert Law Enforcement so they could make the determination. Another example of failed zero tolerance would be the “legal limit of Blood Alcohol Content, or B.A.C” in GA. To say that every single person is too impaired with a .08 BAC is asinine. This is why Officers perform additional tests to help make a decision on whether a person is impaired and do not rely on a zero tolerance policy when using the alco-sensors. A 300 LB man can easily have a BAC of .08 and not have impairment while a 100 LB young girl would be quite impaired.
Jeff July 08, 2011 at 12:57 AM
Blah Blah Blah, you are SOOOOOOO boring!
Jeff July 08, 2011 at 12:59 AM
Thank you!
Ed Varn July 08, 2011 at 01:04 AM
More power to "The Law"!
Cynthia Montgomery July 08, 2011 at 01:48 AM
ED, I think on the surface, Zero Tolerance is a good Policy. I have heard stories of authority having gone overboard. But let's face it, if schools kicked out ALL the ZT kids, administrators would hear about it from their superintendents for their attendance numbers being TOO low. Which is worse, to have a ZT kid at home where he learned the behavior or to keep him in school & expose him to the others. Quite a quandary! ZT is a great way to get "Dangerous" students out of the system. My children are now graduated from college. It has been years since I have had issues with ZT. I hear more issues with social network bullying. It could be that ZT has worked and now students have moved on to other venues to hurt their fellow students. IF you can't bring a gun to school or sell your drugs in the halls how are the pushers of tomorrow going to learn their craft? I knew a parent that was so angry when his son got paneled because of ZT because he had "seeds" in his truck floor along with pot gear and a knife. (This kid was always STONED in school and was failing). What was the parent's response? "SON how dare THEY tell you you can't do DRUGS in your truck?" Most could think of 100 better responses that could have helped this kid turn his life around. As always the PARENT was at odds with the school & was not concerned about his son's addiction. I don't have to tell you how many times he has been in & out of jail. No consequence No change.Ed there is no perfect system or person.
TheLaw July 08, 2011 at 02:34 AM
I truly hope that you don't believe kids do not bring guns and knives to school "because" of zero tolerance policies. People who choose to break rules/laws do not care that you have made a rule/law that says they can't. When discussing matters of law, this is what makes people criminals. A guy walking into a building planning on robbing the place, isn't going to stop and turn around changing his mind because there was a sign that said he couldn't bring a gun in the building. If your kids have graduated college, you didn't deal with "ZT". They didn't have ZT when I was in school here in GA and my children are barely in elementary school. Bullies are a problem because kids are taught to not standup for themselves. Wow, look, we're back to my original comment on how zero tolerance is a bad thing... Interesting! You then go on to tell the story of a young man who had illegal items in his vehicle. You go on and on about how poor of a Father he has, which on that item, I'll actually agree with you - based on the information you provided. However, what did ZT do for this kid? While it is ultimately the parent's responsibility, what did suspending/expelling this kid do other than give him more unsupervised time at home to continue doing illegal activities? What if a school Administrator would have ordered mandatory drug counseling instead? Wonder which one of those scenarios might have made a positive changes in this kids life? Too bad the Admin could only expel him...
Cynthia Montgomery July 08, 2011 at 03:17 AM
Dear LAWMAN,You seem quite taken by whatever I say (3PAGES) but why?First, you are correct, I have never been drunk behind a wheel. If I was-why lie about it? Now I would be a drunk & a liar. Hey wait..maybe being drunk I might lie! Shame on me for not knowing drunk behavior protocol! But I was a waitress in my younger days. I have called many a cabs for clients & they have thanked me the next weekend. But regardless, when I read your post, you are saying you do not like drunks, I am saying I don't like drunks. You are saying drunks hurt families- I am saying drunks hurt families. What is the issue? You have an opinion. I have an opinion. I respect your difference of opinion. Lawman, I made the first ZT comment on 7/1, I was not responding to any previous ZT comment. I could not find a comment by you until 7/7, sorry if there was a mix up. Police officers should be put on a high standard/pedestal, for they put their life in the line for good citizens & too many times die because of bad citizens. Please understand that when I post, I get comments from MANY readers. Please do not think I am only responding to you and you alone. I am covering many responses when I write back. I am sorry if you felt like I was mixing yours up with another writer. This venue allows us all to share our comments. Just comment & enjoy the ability to share your views with other verbal citizens.I save my emotional outburst for sports & fireworks! How bout them DAWGS!!!
Cynthia Montgomery July 08, 2011 at 03:39 AM
We did have ZT when my children were in school. It came about around the time of the high school shooting in CO. We will never be able to get to all the children at risk. But some on the fence may just think twice if they know they are going to get kicked out of school. Each person responds to different stimuli. They DID expel him and sent the young man to the school over in Lawrenceville, the GIFT School, by the jail. I agree with you that drug counseling would have been great for this young man but his parents were in denial that he had a problem. He did great there, all A's, because he knew he would be out of Gwinnett County schools for ever if he messed up. After years of drugs, he finally met a clean girl and cleaned up his life and is now in college! YEAH!! A good woman can do wonders for a weary man and a bad woman can make a good man weary! I disagree with you about bullies. Bullies are bullies because they have been bullied, normally from a sick parent ANYBODY knows that!!!! They pick on "easy targets" because they feel the need to feel empower not because the other kid has a more laid back personality! But, PLEASE!!! NO COMMENTS ON THAT TONIGHT I MUST GET TO BED AND THERE ARE 10 MORE COMMENTS WAITING FOR ME IN THE MAIL BOX!!!! I would never throw a kid away and I feel the same way about Officer Robinson and that is why I say good luck to him and his family instead of chopping off his head like Diane commented.
Cynthia Montgomery July 08, 2011 at 03:45 AM
Jeff, Hey, If your comment is,"Blah Blah Blah, you are SOOOOOOO boring!", THEN WHY Jeff DO YOU KEEP READING AND COMMENTING ON MY POST? LOL!!! You make me giggle out loud!!!!! Be nice now!!! Now I know why I post because sometime is it just so darn funny!!!
TheLaw July 08, 2011 at 03:52 AM
Actually you have made six posts before I made one on this subject. I obviously came late to the party. The majority of your initial post, before I made any, were related to how bad this Law Enforcement Officer was. If I were to read your comments and take them as gospel, I would have walked away from this article believing this person was the devil himself reincarnated! Again, you state that he should be held to a higher standard and then go on to list the many things that LEOs do everyday, for little pay, while being away from their families for long hours/weekends/holidays etc.. You are confusing the need to hold these people in high regard with holding them to a higher standard.When it comes to the law, a LEO should be held to the exact same standard as any other person in any other profession. If a teacher gets arrested for DUI, the court does not take away his/her job if they are found guilty. The school system would have to decide that course of action. The LEO should be treated no differently. Please don't confuse the fact that I responded to this article so readers would have the ability to take in some actual factual comments on the subject with me having some sort of agenda against you. Today was the first day I have ever visited this website so I don't know you. My posts simply had to be broken up due to the character limit for each post so I actually have only posted a few times today.
Cynthia Montgomery July 08, 2011 at 04:19 AM
Why do you say a police officer/sheriff is not a leader in his community? Is not a law enforcement officer a leader in his community? I think the "good" public servants are leaders. Maybe you are better qualified to know that there are too many bad ones and know more than I do since,"having worked on that field in the past" you may know THE TRUTH about our leaders. My comments are made about drunk drivers. If he is not drunk-he is off the hook. But please tell me what other reason would you find a person doing circle on I-85, maybe he was a diabetic having a melt down? Maybe I missed something. I know "he will suffer a greater consequence" if found guilty but I believe killing or maiming another would be worse for him and his family. I have not convicted this man, I am commenting on his behavior and adding my concerns for his future. I only have the word of HIS fellow worker as to his condition. One was on duty and doing his job protecting, we the citizens, OR THE one was doing wheelies on 85. I choose to aline myself with the sober, on duty, public servant. Harsh? YES, I GUESS SO! A good attorney & drunks are back on the road! Next, I sent my CHILDREN to public schools, all 39 years (3 kids x 13 years each) and while I had issues over the years with the schools, the public education provided them a base for success at college. "PRIVATE" school are great yet, they are also dumping grounds for kids that could not cut it in public schools. U Decide!
Cynthia Montgomery July 08, 2011 at 04:46 AM
GLAD TO HAVE you and your comments! This venue is great. You can express your comments on a topic in a timely way. But it also has some people that just gripe about other people. They just play the part of spoiler instead of expressing their opinion on the topic. To each his own. I will be busy for a while and not even comment for weeks then something will happen that makes me comment. So it is a great way to take the pulse of the community and it is also funny at time. Some will say great things and others just love to gripe. There are some of us that comment often and you can tell what type if person they are just by their comments. There are some that hit and run. There are some that I would like to hear more from. It is kinda like a debate club on the net! Some follow Roberts Rules of Public Speaking and others don't, but it is a great venue anyway! First what does LEO mean? With all the previous TV reports on community leaders; cops, firemen, EMT and sheriff, I see where they will loose their jobs if found to be drunk. Teachers are also loosing their jobs for post showing themselves drinking or wearing questionable clothing. SO I am aware that a court can not take their job away but am also aware what happens when they are convicted. After reading the police report, I'd say he has an uphill battle unless he gets an attorney that can get him off and is that what we really want???? My comments are not on how BAD he is but on how bad drunk driving is!!!!!
TheLaw July 08, 2011 at 04:47 AM
I'm going to stop trying to debate the article posted here and the comments you have made regarding it. We aren't really getting anywhere. I did want to comment on your final statement in the reply above - ""PRIVATE" school are great yet, they are also dumping grounds for kids that could not cut it in public schools. U Decide!" While I went to public schools all my life and turned out pretty well if I say so myself, public schools are no longer the same. Many reasons for this but I won't get into that. (Zero Tolerance) I will say that generally speaking, Private Schools are not dumping grounds for kids who couldn't make it in public schools. Private schools have more involved parents since they are spending thousands of dollars to send their kids to school their while they continue to pay taxes to support the failed public school system. They pick and choose who can attend there and aren't held to quotas. Students are disciplined and have real consequences for bad grades, poor decisions, etc. including and up to being kicked out. Try kicking a child out of public school because they are choosing to not do their work. It doesn't happen. They simply state that the Teacher must not be providing the information properly for that specific student to understand. Like the non-English speaking students that are shoved into classes today and it's the teacher's responsibility to alter his/her courses to meet the needs of the student instead of the student meeting the need of the class
TheLaw July 08, 2011 at 04:53 AM
LEO = Law Enforcement Officer. Trying to stay within the character limit. :) There are people that do criminal things everyday however it just doesn't usually make the news when Jim the Plumber gets arrested for DUI. Jim the plumbers DUI is no less/more wrong than Officer Bob's DUI. If convicted they should be be held accountable. That's been my point the whole time. I hold Military and LEO in high regard as long as they are doing what they chose to do - uphold the law. I do not hold them to a higher standard. Good night.
Cynthia Montgomery July 08, 2011 at 05:57 AM
I TOTALLY AGREE with you about private school but must say that I put that much effort into my children's public educations. I know friends that had their kids kicked out out public schools and just put them in private schools, RIVERSIDE is one that comes to mind. I love the fact that you have a choice and I choose to treat school cost for private schools like the fire stations. You have to pay for them even if you don't use them because they are for the good of the community. You can choose to have a security and fire system put into your home for your own reason, ie private school, but you are still going to pay for the fire station and police protection. I have two daughters that have teaching certificates so I KNOW the issues they have each experienced and yes the one that taught at a private city school has less issues than the one that taught at an inner city school in Charlotte. You could not even take a kid that made poop poop on the bathroom floor and set it on fire because home was a more dangerous place for that student. So it starts in the home and acts out in society. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. HERE let me start up storm and say how can you hold a teacher responsible for an illegal student that does not even speak English and have their income tied to this student? Let's face it there are good and bad in each school. There was a PG student at a very notable christian school last year! Great Post Thanks for the exchange of ideas!
Fat Lester July 10, 2011 at 05:01 PM
I usually enjoy it when cops get busted.
TheLaw July 10, 2011 at 10:43 PM
Good for you - what's your point?
Jeff July 11, 2011 at 04:02 AM
I'm certain, his point is at the top of his head?!
Gary Fox July 11, 2011 at 12:05 PM
Let's narrow this all down to one critical point. LEO's take an oath to UPHOLD the law when they are hired. That is reason enough for the everyday, run of the mill, common citizen to expect these LEO's to NOT BREAK THE LAW. We pay their salaries & yes we expect a lot from them. By virtue of his own actions this officer put himself in a seriously bad spot (from several different angles) and I for one don't appreciate it. Yes the courts will take care of him & the court of public opinion should stop jumping all over the map & arguing about irrelevant "stuff".
Barbara Wilson January 18, 2013 at 02:52 PM
I agree with Gary. It's like trying to teach teenagers to drive obeying traffic laws, when the police car next to you (not on a call) is speeding, running a red light, not stopping completely at a stop sign, etc. I see it all the time. Our teenagers have no respect for LEO's because of the bad behavior of some.


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