Disgruntled Former Employee Stymied When Bomb Fails to Explode

Bombs, beer and stolen cars in this week's weird crime news.

Police say revenge was the motive of a  the previous day. The thing is, the bomb never detonated. The man worked for a vendor that washed and moved cars at a south Forsyth County auto dealership. Police believe he threw the device at a vehicle early one morning, expecting it to explode on impact. It didn’t. Police used surveillance video to catch him.

An officer didn't need surveillance video to catch a man who didn't want his beer to go to waste. The man said he knew he was going to be arrested when a Winder police officer answered a call of a suspected panhandler at a local gas station so he ran and hid behind a van. . He told police he wanted to finish it before being arrested.

Thankfully a teenage driver stopped by Johns Creek Police didn't try to finish her alcoholic beverage before being arrested. After stopping the teen, police found rolling papers in her lap, a small amount of pot and various bottles of liquor. The reason for the stop?  at night and in the rain.

Alcohol also contributed to the arrest of a woman in Winder. Officers responded to a residence after a report of a verbal dispute between two women. One of the women ran away, but . She was eventually charged with public intoxication and obstruction.

Sometimes trouble with the police can lead to even more trouble. A man paying a traffic fine at the Snellville Municipal Court earlier this month . After he signed in around 8:15 a.m., he apparently left his keys at the front desk. You can guess what happened next. He returned to find his car gone.

A car also recently went missing in Lilburn. Sometime after midnight, y. The good news -- police should be able to spot the vehicle fairly easily. The vehicle had a Georgia Bulldogs logo on the hood and a Falcons logo on the rear window. 

Sometimes what is in the car is more valuable than the car itself. Thinking (perhaps) that a carrying case contained a computer, a thief who broke into a car in the Dacula area got a whole lot more. . The thief also grabbed $750 in cash.

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