DNR Rangers Find Stolen Boat, Issue Numerous Citations

The Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division Law Enforcement also investigated a boating accident during the past week.

A HIN (Hull Identification Number) inspection at Bass Pro Shop in Lawrenceville led to the discovery of a stolen boat, according to the weekly law enforcement activity report from the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division.

On Sept. 7, Cpl. Eric Sanders conducted the HIN inspection and found the boat had been stolen. The case remains under investigation.

Other DNR law enforcement activities from the past week include:

  • On Sept. 3, Cpl. Adam Loudermilk responded to a boating accident in which an individual suffered a broken arm.
  • On Sept. 3, Ranger First Class (RFC) Barry Britt and a GCPD officer charged an individual with boating under the influence after observing a vessel operating without docking lights. The operator was determined to have been consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • A Sept. 8 patrol for deer hunters on the opening day of archery season resulted in numerous citations being issued for hunting without a license, hunting without a big game license and hunting without hunter education.
  • A Sept. 8 patrol on Lake Lanier resulted in written warnings being issued for operating a vessel without personal flotation devices and for failure to obey a regulatory marker.
  • On Sept. 6, Cpl. Sanders conducted an online hunter education class at Bass Pro Shop in Lawrenceville in which 30 students were certified in hunter education.
  • On Sept. 8, RFC Barry Britt worked a special detail at the Dragon Boat Races on Lake Lanier to ensure that vessels passing through the area did not create large wakes and interrupt the boat races.

The Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division Law Enforcement Section Field Operations weekly law enforcement report contains a sampling of events that have taken place statewide in the past week. The Law Enforcement Section is tasked with enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to game and nongame animals, threatened and endangered plants and animals, exotic animals, boating safety, litter and waste control, and other natural resource issues. 

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