Drunken Rampage Leads to Multiple Charges for Hamilton Mill Resident

Suspect accused of assaulting two people and vandalizing multiple cars during alcohol-fueled domestic dispute.

A Dacula man described by his mother as a “mean drunk” is facing multiple charges after a Dec. 19 domestic dispute turned violent.

Ernest R. Gibson, 2263 Floral Ridge Drive, Dacula, is accused of assaulting his mother and another woman, and damaging three cars with a fireplace grate.

According to the police report, Gibson’s mother said her son was out of control and had been “extremely” intoxicated since approximately 1:30 p.m. on the day of the incident. The mother told police she took Gibson to Summit Ridge and attempted to have him committed, but was unsuccessful.

When they returned to their Hamilton Mill home, Gibson reportedly became enraged. Gibson allegedly took a fireplace grate outside and began striking a green Ford F150 belonging to one of the victims. Gibson then used the grate to strike his mother’s black 2000 Mercedes Benz and her maroon 1998 Mercedes Benz. According to the mother, Gibson also broke a downstairs window.

At that point, the second victim, a 48-year-old female, arrived at the house. Gibson began arguing with his mother and the other female. Gibson reportedly shoved the female against a wall causing the woman to strike her head. Gibson’s mother then attempted to restrain him by putting her arms around him. Both Gibson and his mother fell to the floor and continued to struggle. Gibson allegedly was able to get on top of his mother and pin her arms to the floor.

When police arrived, Gibson ran to the basement and climbed out a window. A short time later, Gibson returned to the house. The officer confronted Gibson on the back porch of the home and ordered him to the ground. Gibson refused and was forcibly taken to the ground and handcuffed. Gibson resisted the officer’s efforts to escort him to the patrol car by repeatedly falling to his knees. The officer was forced to pick Gibson up and place him in the patrol car.

Upon arrival at the jail, Gibson informed the officer that he was not getting out of the patrol car and the officer would have to fight him to get him out. Gibson was removed from the patrol car and turned over to detention center deputies.

Gibson was charged with elder abuse and simple battery for the physical altercation with his 67-year-old mother, simple battery for pushing the other victim against the wall and criminal damage to property for damaging the windshield, tail lights and driver’s side window of the F150, breaking the windshields of both Mercedes and breaking the house window. Gibson was also served with an outstanding warrant for probation violation.



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