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GCPD Gives Tips at Community Crime Prevention Meeting

Hamilton Mill residents learn about crime and prevention.

The Hamilton Mill Community Association and the Gwinnett County Police Department hosted a community crime prevention meeting this afternoon at 6 p.m. at the Hamilton Mill Community Clubhouse. Several Gwinnett County officers from the East Precinct were present to answer questions regarding crime in the immediate area and to offer citizens advice for decreasing their risk of becoming a victim of neighborhood crimes.

Forty plus concerned citizens were in attendance at the meeting where Lieutenant Curtis Clemons spoke regarding recent crime statistics in the immediate area. The GCPD stated that in the month of June the area has reported 14 vehicle break-ins, this number up from the previous one per month since March of 2011. The GCPD has been increasing efforts in the area and so far in July only one vehicle break-in has been reported.  

Lieutenant Curtis Clemons, Crime Prevention Officer Pollack and Community Relations Officer Stafford stressed the importance of community involvement in the deterrence of crime. The officers gave some of the following tips to citizens regarding safety in the community.

  • If at all possible you should leave valuables at home and not inside your vehicle. If you must have valuables in your car place them out of view from would be thieves.
  • Always lock the doors and windows at home and on your vehicle. Only approximately one-third of all household burglaries actually involve forced entry. Most burglars enter through unlocked points of entry.
  • Inventory your valuables and keep a record of serial numbers and model numbers. This information can be used in the case of a theft to reclaim your items if they are pawned.
  • Always call 911 and alert the police of suspicious activity, people or vehicles in your area.
  • Call the police if you see juveniles out between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. It is against the law for juveniles to be out during these hours even in their own subdivisions.


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