Georgia Man Faces Felony Littering Charges

Police say he had a "landfill" on his Buford-area property.

Kenneth Finlon. Gwinnett County Jail mug shot
Kenneth Finlon. Gwinnett County Jail mug shot

A Buford man was released on bond Friday afternoon after his arrest for egregious littering, a felony.

Gwinnett County Jail records showed Kenneth Finlon of Sudderth Road, was arrested and charged with the crime on Thursday, May 29. He also was charged with second-degree criminal damage to property.

Gwinnett Police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith told WXIA-TV Finlon is accused of creating a landfill on his property, mostly construction waste. It’s believed to be the first such charge ever in Gwinnett.

Police believe Finlon was “essentially sub-contracting” with legitimate builders to use his property to get rid of construction debris.

A neighbor called police after he dug holes in the yard to find garbage buried as deep as 20 feet. The "landfill" was affecting adjoining properties.

Yet to be determined is what impact the buried waste will have on nearby waterways.

Finlon was releases on signature bonds of $22,400, $11,200 for each charge, according to jail records.

Octo Slash May 31, 2014 at 11:38 AM
There's a law that says you can't bury garbage ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY?
Tyler Jozefowicz June 09, 2014 at 11:57 PM
yes there is. and there is another one that says you can put a pig farm on your lawn.


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