Irate Drunken Man Kicks, Spits at Officers

Before being placed in the patrol car, the man urinated on himself while sitting on the sidewalk.

In Johns Creek, police answering a call saw an “obviously intoxicated” man punch another man nearby. After the man was handcuffed, he became irate and tried to spit on the officers, prompting one of the officers to pull the man’s shirt over his head to prevent him from spitting more. During this time, the suspect also kicked two officers. Before being placed in the patrol car, the man urinated on himself while sitting on the sidewalk.

Another intoxicated man was a little more mellow -- perhaps too mellow for someone operating a motor vehicle. Gwinnett Police found a man passed out in the front of his Mercedes Benz at a Peachtree Corners intersection just before 2 a.m. on Labor Day. The man, who reportedly had glazed eyes and slurred his speech, told police he doesn’t have an alcohol problem, but when he drinks it’s usually to excess.

Speaking of excess, using a boulder to break a pane of glass is a bit much or is it? Usually when rock hits glass, the rock is the winner. But a couple of burglary suspects found that wasn’t the case when they tried to smash through a window at a Stone Mountain-area veterinary clinic. Surveillance video showed the men used a boulder they brought with them to break the glass. "However they had no luck," according to the police report. The rock only broke one pane of the double-paned window. The video showed them give up and drive away.

Two Winder women decided to give up when confronted with accusations of shoplifting. One of two women suspected of shoplifting at two stores admitted that she hid a stolen toothbrush in her bra, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"women-s-bras-appear-to-be-convenient-means-of-shoplifting"} -->. Further investigation found the women had shoplifted around $50 worth of goods from Dollar General and Fred’s. They admitted to the crimes. Interestingly, it was the s


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