‘Loud, Boisterous’ Man Loses Poker Hand, Verbally Abuses Dealer and Others

Oakwood, Ga. man arrested after tirade at Del Rio Mexican Restaurant in Dacula, Ga.

An Oakwood Ga. man was apparently unable to discern when he should hold his cards versus when he should fold them. He also failed to realize when he should walk away as opposed to launching a verbal tirade against the poker dealer and others at a Dacula, Ga. restaurant.

Gwinnett County Police were called to Del Rio Mexican Restaurant on Dec. 1 after Christopher Dean, 34, reportedly began acting in a “loud, boisterous and intoxicated” manner. The manager of the restaurant advised police that Dean became verbally abusive after losing a poker hand, calling the dealer a “[expletive deleted] chunky [expletive deleted]” and informed other guests that they were “old.” Dean allegedly also “got in the faces” of two other people and was verbally abusive toward them as well.

Read the full article on Dacula Patch.

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