Man Allegedly Threatens to Shoot Angry Driver

Driver said he was forced into oncoming traffic by man’s vehicle.

A Winder man decided not to let an Aug. 22 incident of bad driving go without making his thoughts known to the other driver.

The man told police he was traveling on Winder Highway towards Dacula in the left lane on the two-lane portion of the roadway with a vehicle in front of him, one behind him and another -- a green Jeep Grand Cherokee -- beside in him in the right lane. The man explained that as the lanes began to merge into one lane, the driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee sped up in order to cut in front of the Winder man and ended up forcing him to swerve his vehicle into oncoming traffic.

The man followed the Jeep Grand Cherokee to the stoplight at the intersection of Winder Highway and Harbins Road. According to the Gwinnett County Police report, the man exited his vehicle, walked up to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and asked the driver why he cut him off.

The driver reportedly pointed a handgun at the man's chest and replied, “You need to back the [expletive deleted] up or I’ll shoot you.”

The Winder man returned to his vehicle and called 911.

The man described the driver as a white male in his late twenties with spiked brown hair. The man also provided police with the tag number of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the registration records indicated the tag was not assigned to that vehicle.

In the report, the officer noted that he advised the man to call authorities if this type of incident happened again instead of confronting the other driver.

“I explained to him that even though the driver of the other vehicle shouldn’t have pointed a gun at him, that driver didn’t know who he was either or if he was armed too,” the officer wrote.

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