Man Looks Away From Poker Table, Turns Back to Discover iPhone Missing

Man said he was dealing cards during poker night at a Dacula establishment.

A Norcross man called Gwinnett County police after his iPhone 5 was reportedly stolen during a Jan. 6 poker game at Stars and Strikes in Dacula.

The man told police he had placed his phone on the table while he was dealing cards. According to the report, the man looked away from the table and, when he looked back, his iPhone 5 was missing.

Later that evening, the man received a call from a friend who advised that he had been called by a Lawrenceville man. The Lawrenceville man allegedly offered to sell the friend an iPhone 5 that the Lawrenceville man claimed to have found at Stars and Strikes. The Norcross man informed police that he believes the Lawrenceville man took the phone during the poker game.

There are no other suspects. The case is listed as active.

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Tom P January 17, 2013 at 01:03 AM
Sorry, but if you put a phone on a poker table during a game you deserve to have it stolen. Should have just flushed it in the toilet. Every poker player knows that you do not bring a phone to the table. Phones were once used to cheat and they have long been banned in every establishment as long as you are seated at the table. Every real poker player knows that too.


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