Man Says He Wants to Kill Everyone at Police Department

Headless goats, thumb bite, bath-salt crazed man and more unusual police stories from around Northeast Georgia.

A Watkinsville man . So he called 911 eight times, according to the , and blamed it on the police. The incident report read, "the caller was irate yelling towards the dispatchers saying he wanted to kill everyone at the Clarke County Police Department because he did not know where his wallet was." The man, who was later found with a box of wine, was charged with terroristic threats and acts, and unlawful conduct during a 911 call.

It wasn't Tyson vs. Holyfield II, the 1997 boxing match in which Mike Tyson bit off a chunck of Evander Holyfield's ear. But Norcross Police did respond to a recent case involving a fight and a human bite. According to the police incident report, an argument at a party escalated into a brawl, and while the host tried to step in,  to close the wound. The man wasn't sure who had bitten him.

Headless goats and chickens were found by  recently on a pathway between an elementary school and apartment complex in what can only be described as horrifyingly weird. After residents complained, the responding officer found the . At one location, two headless goats were stacked on top of each other, not far from a goat's head.

Repeating the words, "eat you, eat you," a half-naked Alpharetta man high on "bath salts" threatened to eat people's faces while running around a Norcross-area golf driving range and swinging a golf club. The man reportedly exhibited "super-human strength" and was . "He seemed to be moving effortlessly and like an athlete at the top of his game," wrote one officer in the police report, describing the man's jaunt around the property. .

A Sugar Hill woman who used a pellet gun to shoot her way out of the  ended up in the Gwinnett County Jail facing several charges. T, leaving a red welt, after she was stopped for allegedly stealing several articles of clothing. She fled from the store, but an hour later she showed up at the doorstep of a residence located behind the Walmart, claiming she had been kidnapped.

How many times do we hear of a minor traffic stop leading to a bigger bust for police? For a South Carolina man traveling northbound on I-85 through Gwinnett County, it was the trim around his license plate that partially obscured the tag number. Police stopped the car and later found purses with . All were determined to be counterfeit. He was released from jail the next day on a $5,700 bond after being charged with possession of counterfeit or forged merchandise and driving without a license in his possession.

A  officer on traffic duty, alerted that a passing car on Lawrenceville Highway was stolen, nabbed a woman who rented a car from Avis and never intended to return it. . According to a police incident report, the woman told officers, "The car is stolen. I know it is stolen."

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