Man Tased After Failing to Comply With Officer’s Instructions

Suspect had previously told officers they would have to shoot him.

A Dacula man found himself on the wrong end of a taser after an Oct. 11 altercation at his Eunice Holcombe Circle residence.

According to police, officers were dispatched to the residence in response to a domestic dispute between Danny J. Atha, 50, and his 16-year-old son.

While officers were speaking with the son and a witness outside the residence, Atha exited the house and began walking towards the street. One of the officers ordered Atha to stop. Atha responded by yelling expletives at the officer and continued walking away. When officers once again tried to stop Atha, he allegedly replied with an expletive and advised the officers they would have to shoot him.

A brief struggle ensued when one of the officers attempted to grab Atha’s arm. The officer wrote, “I attempted to grab his arm and he pushed away from me grabbing the bed of a pickup truck that was in the driveway. As I was trying to gain control over Mr. Atha, I told him to let go of the truck. He pushed me away from him. At this point, Mr. Atha was tased.”

Atha was then placed under arrest and handcuffed.

The victim said Atha accused him of breaking a shower faucet and pushed him into the door causing abrasions on the victim’s back. The witness heard yelling and a few moments later saw Atha dragging the victim towards the front door. When Atha pushed the victim outside, the witness called police.

Atha was charged with battery and obstruction.


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