Man: ‘That Crazy Woman Beat Me With a Shovel’

Woman says man hit her with walking cane first.

A Buford woman told police she was tired of her husband calling her mother names. That name-calling, she said, led to an Oct. 16 in which both she and her husband were arrested.

Police were called to the Buford Dam Road home by the wife. When initially interviewed by police, the woman said her husband was “making her crazy with his drinking,” but that the argument had not been physical in nature.

However, police noticed the husband, identified as James Brown, had blood on his shirt, face and hand.

“I asked James what happened to his head and why he was bleeding,” the officer wrote in the report. “He stated ‘That crazy woman beat me with a shovel’.”

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The officer confirmed the man was referring to wife Linda Brown. According to the police report, Brown said his wife walked into the living room and started yelling at him before grabbing a walking cane and striking him with it.  Brown reportedly grabbed the cane and went to the garage.

“James said Linda followed him into the garage, grabbed the shovel and started ‘hitting him all over’,” the officer wrote.

The officer noted that Brown had cuts on his left arm, right ear, right thumb, left shin and the back of his head. He also had two bruises on his back.

The officer then questioned the wife once more. When asked why Brown was bleeding, Linda Brown allegedly responded, “Cause I hit him with a shovel.” The woman further explained that she was tired of her husband calling her mother names. She accused him of striking her first with the cane before she grabbed the shovel and hit him in the arm. She denied striking her husband in the head and said those injuries occurred when he fell down.

Due to the conflicting statements, both parties were taken into custody. James Brown was charged with battery and Linda Brown was charged with aggravated assault.

R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew October 27, 2012 at 08:08 PM
So James Brown didn't feel good.... like he knew that he should? Another "shovel ready" job brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 Trillion


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