Multiple Townhomes Burglarized, Appliances Stolen

Incidents occurred during the overnight hours of Dec. 20.

Several townhomes were burglarized and numerous appliances stolen after a burglar or burglars smashed windows and broke doors to gain access to the interior of three residences on Brockenhurst Drive in Buford.

A contractor with Rocklyn Homes contacted Gwinnett County Police on Dec. 21 after arriving at work and discovering the damage to the townhomes and the thefts. According to the police report, the front door of the first townhome had been broken and a refrigerator moved to the front door. The second townhome had a broken rear window and the third townhome had a smashed rear door window. The exterior pane of a double-paned window had been broken at a fourth townhome, but the interior glass was intact and there was no sign of forced entry.

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