News Nearby: Property Line Marker Dispute Leads to ‘Boob to Boob’ Confrontation

Police called to Hamilton Mill home after woman says neighbor spit on her and yelled profanities at her.

An Aug. 29 dispute between two women over whether property line markers had been moved ended in spitting, profanity and a close confrontation.

Gwinnett County Police were called to the Ridgemill Terrace residence after the homeowner confronted the neighbor regarding the survey sticks. The Hamilton Mill homeowner told police she hired surveyors to mark her property line. According to the homeowner, her neighbor subsequently moved the sticks the surveyors had placed. When the homeowner confronted the neighbor, the two women began to argue. The homeowner explained to police that the neighbor began walking towards her and “got so close that we touched boob to boob.”

The homeowner further advised that her neighbor called her several profane names and yelled expletives before spitting on her.

The homeowner “stated she kept the saliva [the neighbor] spat on her because she wanted the police to have it collected and tested for DNA,” the officer wrote. 

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