News Nearby: Suspect Pot Found in Hidden in Suspect's Backside

Already arrested in domestic dispute, man had a few surprises for deputy.

A Winder man who was arrested in a physical domestic dispute added drug charges on his way to jail.

Some of the eight plastic bags of suspected marijuana found on him were hidden in his underwear.

Already facing battery and assault charges in the domestic dispute on March 20, the man handed the Barrow County Sheriff’s deputy two bags of weed before he was placed in the patrol car. When they arrived at the Barrow County Detention Center, the man handed over two more bags. The deputy asked if there was anything else.

“[He] stated that he had a large bag pinched between his butt cheeks,” the deputy wrote in the incident report. “I then looked down the back of his pants and retrieved a bag containing more small bags of marijuana and cash money.”

The eight bags appeared to be packaged for sale.

Morales Tevin Sayers, 21, was charged with criminal trespass, simple battery, possession of controlled substance, aggravated assault and possession with intent to distribute. He was being held on a bond of $36,000.

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