Officials: Stay off the Ice

The below-freezing temperatures can cause ice to form on area lakes and ponds, but the ice is thin and unstable.

Officials are warning area residents to stay off the ice. Credit: Morguefile
Officials are warning area residents to stay off the ice. Credit: Morguefile
With below-freezing temperatures forecast for the Dacula area, fire officials have issued a reminder regarding the dangers of playing on ice.

Though ice may form on lakes, ponds, creeks and ditches, the ice is thin and extremely unstable, Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services public information officer Capt. Tommy Rutledge said in a released statement.

"Water seldom freezes uniformly, thus posing an extreme danger to anyone attempting to stand or walk on the ice," Rutledge explained.

In January of 2010, two Dacula teens died after falling through the ice on a pond in Daniel Park subdivision. A third teen managed to climb back out of the water.

“The thickness of ice that forms on bodies of water within the county is not strong enough to hold the weight of an adult, child or even large animals,” Rutledge warned.

Officials advise that if you do fall through ice, you should stay calm, reach for solid ice, kick to the exit hole and then roll toward the shore. Do not go out on the ice to rescue another person. Use a long pole or rope to attempt the rescue from the safety of the shore.

Officials further caution those with an open body of water on their property to keep an eye out for children who may venture out onto the ice. Posting warnings and installing an access barrier whenever possible is also encouraged.


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