Ongoing Feud Leads to Threats of Death and ASP Baton Strikes

Victim accuses man of trying to run him down and threatening him with a police baton. Man says victim yelled at him and threatened to kill him or hire someone to kill him.

An ongoing feud between a man and a Dacula family escalated over the weekend when the man allegedly tried to run over one of the family members.

Police were called to the family’s Majestic Circle home after the incident. The officer noted it was difficult to determine what had happened “due to 7-8 people all trying to tell what had happened.”

According to the police report, one of the family members was walking in the grass alongside Tanner Road when the man allegedly swerved off the road and tried to run over the victim. The victim said he “raised his hands in an attempt to ask what was that for” at which point the man reportedly used his emergency brake to do a u-turn and drive back to where the victim was standing.

The victim said the man exited his vehicle, walked over to the victim and began calling him names. When the victim walked away, the man returned to his vehicle and left the scene.

A few minutes after the victim arrived home, the man pulled into his driveway. The victim told police the man was “yelling and cussing” from the car. The victim went inside the house to get his brother because he has a court order prohibiting him from being within 100 feet of the man. Despite the court order, the victim and his brother walked up to the man’s car and asked him to leave. The man declined to do so and allegedly threatened to hit the victim’s brother in the head with an ASP baton (police expandable tactical baton).

According to the victim, the man pulled him into his car causing the victim to strike his face on the side of the man’s vehicle. The man then backed out of the driveway, reportedly knocking the victim’s mother to the ground as he did so. Later, when interviewed by police, the man claimed he had grabbed the victim to keep the victim’s brother from being able to hit him and said the mother was already on the ground and had not been struck by his vehicle. The man further advised that the victim and his brother threatened to kill him or hire someone else to do it.

The officer noted there is a long history between the man, the victim and the victim’s family. The man reportedly hit the victim’s brother in the head with an ASP baton approximately 18 months ago and was not arrested. Also, the victim previously spent time in prison for burglarizing the man’s house – a charge the victim denied.

The victim is currently on probation and is not allowed within 100 feet of the man or the man’s house. As a result of the incident, the man is no longer allowed on the family’s property after being issued a criminal trespass warning by the victim’s father.

Due to the conflicting statements, no arrests were made. The parties were advised to avoid each other and the officer provided information regarding temporary protective orders as well as information on obtaining a warrant.


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