Pantless Woman Flees From Police

Intoxicated companion also lands in jail.

An unruly man and woman gave Winder Police their eyes, hands and ears full after a traffic stop. According to the police report, the two were drinking when the . When caught the woman refused an officer’s order to lie down and the officer subsequently pushed her over, prompting the man to say, “Don't touch her, I'm going to beat your [expletive deleted]." The pair face multiple charges.

A peeping Tom was more successful in his efforts to escape apprehension. The suspect used a stolen ladder in an attempt to see into a second-story window recently in the Stone Mountain area. Police responded after the woman resident called . The man fled, but police found the ladder he used leaning up against the house. The ladder ended up being stolen from a neighbor’s yard a week before the incident.

In Athens, it was stolen jewelry that led to an arrest. An Athens woman is accused of using a house-cleaning job to case the residence of an elderly man and . The woman was charged with theft by taking and exploitation of disabled or elder persons.

In other police news this week:

  • “Because dude,” was the answer a man gave a Gwinnett Police officer when asked why . According to the incident report, when an officer asked if “this seemed like an appropriate location to urinate,” the man replied, “I guess not dude.”
  • That a Loganville woman was doing 65 in the center turn lane on Highway 78 was bad enough, but when , things got a lot more serious. She was eventually stopped after driving on the wrong side of the highway. Not surprising, she was arrested on DUI and other charges.
  • What is it about ? An impatient motorist did just that when the driver of the car in front of him didn’t move quickly enough when the light turned green at a Dacula-area intersection. The driver of the first car said he was momentarily distracted by an incoming call on his cell phone.
  • A Braselton man arrested on outstanding warrants told police they got the wrong man. That was despite the fact a search found several cards, including a Social Security card, in his wallet with his name on them. .
  • What a sight it must have been for a Mall of Georgia employee to see when he reached his car after his shift. and stole two tires, rims and even the lug nuts.
  • “666” was spray-painted on the back door of a Buford martial-art studio, where . The swords were displayed on the wall. An empty beer can was left behind.


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