Police Investigating Multiple Burglaries Involving Suspects in Green SUV

Witnesses have reported seeing a green sport utility vehicle at the scene of at least three recent burglaries.

An Oct. 16 home invasion in which the suspects arrived at a Dacula Bluffs home in a green sport utility vehicle may be related to at least two or more other Dacula burglaries.

In the Dacula Bluffs incident, a woman frightened away two home invaders by yelling at them after they broke down her door. The suspects, according to the woman and two witnesses, were traveling in a green sport utility vehicle which two of the witnesses described as a hunter green Chevrolet Trailblazer. The homeowner described it as a green GMC Jimmy.

Later that day, a witness reported seeing a green Chevrolet Trailblazer at the scene of a burglary at a Kachina Trail residence in the Apalachee Heritage subdivision. The witness told police she looked outside at approximately 12:30 p.m. and saw the vehicle at her neighbor’s house. The woman told police she thought the three men with the vehicle were friends of her neighbor’s son. She noticed two of the men carry a television or computer monitor out of the garage and put it into the Trailblazer, but did not realize the home had been burglarized until roughly 20 minutes later when the men left. At that point, the woman realized the front door of her neighbor’s house was open and appeared to have been damaged.

“She said at this point she realized the males must not have been friends of the neighbor’s son and she called the police,” the officer wrote in the report.

The investigating officer noted the entertainment center in the living room appeared to be missing a television. The master bedroom had also been ransacked. The homeowner advised the only items missing were two televisions and a Nintendo Wii game system.

Gwinnett County Police are also investigating a third, possibly related, burglary that occurred on Oct. 12 on Freemans Walk Drive.

A woman called police shortly before noon to report that her neighbor’s home was being burglarized. The woman described the suspects as three young males in a green sport utility vehicle, which she thought might have been a Chevrolet Tahoe.

According to the woman, the three men exited the vehicle and one of them went to the front door of her neighbor’s home and rang the doorbell and knocked on the door. When no one answered the door, the male reportedly ran into the backyard. Several moments later, the garage door opened and the other males backed the vehicle into the driveway of the home.

As the woman watched, the men carried several items out of the home and loaded them into the vehicle.

The investigating officer discovered the back door of the home had been forced open and several rooms were in disarray.

Once the homeowner arrived at the scene, the officer walked her through the home. According to the homeowner, the burglars escaped with two iPads, two televisions and two computers.

Less than two hours later, police were dispatched to a burglary less than two miles away in Apalachee Woods.

One of the residents advised that he left his Beckenham Place home at noon to get an oil change. When he returned approximately an hour and a half later, he discovered the garage door was open. As soon as he walked inside, he noticed a television was missing out of the living room.

Upon checking the rest of the house, the resident realized two other televisions were missing and that several drawers had been searched. The resident also noticed the front door jamb was damaged.

All four cases are listed as active.

Police are also investigating a possibly related case in Buford.

“Our investigators continue to follow up on all leads,” GCPD public information officer Cpl. Ed Ritter wrote in an email to Dacula Patch. “Anyone with information regarding these burglaries is encouraged to call the police.”

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Amy L October 25, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Thanks for reporting this! I live right in that area and now know to be extra vigilant.


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