Recent Car Break-ins Reported in Little Mulberry Park, Hamilton Mill

Stolen items include cell phones, GPS unit and other items.

Hundreds of dollars worth of personal property was stolen in recent weeks after valuable items were left unsecured in vehicles in the Dacula area.

During the overnight hours of Oct. 27, an HTC cell phone valued at $500 was stolen out of a car parked at a home on Lake Heights Circle in Hamilton Mill. The vehicle, a rental car, had no signs of forced entry and is believed to have been left unlocked.

Nearby in Hamilton Mill, another vehicle was entered at a Ridgemill Circle home between 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 26 and 10 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 28. A GPS unit valued at $150, a wallet, a Leatherman-type utility tool, a driver's license, credit card and debit card were stolen. The vehicle had no signs of forced entry.

On Oct. 30, a Hoschton woman called Gwinnett County Police to report her vehicle had been entered while it was parked at Little Mulberry Park. The woman's purse, wallet and an iPhone valued at $650 were stolen.

All three cases are listed as active.

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Lenee November 13, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Lock your doors people!
Cynthia Montgomery November 13, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Sounds like the punks are at it again! 1.Know they come between 2 and 4pm on Friday or Saturday nights. They walk around our homes after they have parked their cars close or are spending the night with a friend and after playing video all night they get out and look for some cars to steal from. 2.We have caught them before by keeping WATCH. Keep you windows slightly open, just enough for your dogs to bark at the strange noise. If you happen to be a poor sleeper & have a chair by a front window, scan during those hours. 3. If you have a baby or toddler that awakes during that time frame, sit by a window & rock them as you watch for the thugs. 3.Lock your doors. Lock your doors. Lock your doors! 4.That said, we all forget sometimes on a busy night. KNOW your neighbors, mine will call to let me know we left the garage door up or worse, while carrying in groceries, we left the car door or lift door open because we got busy inside and forgot to make one more trip out to shut things down for the night. We have caught them before by hearing male voices in the community at that time of the morning. DEMAND it be checked out! Say, "Hello 911, I live in Hamilton Mill at _______ & I see 4 males in dark clothing walking throughout our neighborhood, They are right now at Lake Heights Circle & I do not see any cars around. They are suspicious & our neighborhood has had 3 break ins this month! Please hurry, send a car now! Thieves stay where they are successful!
Cynthia Montgomery November 13, 2012 at 05:50 PM
If the police 911 sounds disinterested, do not hang up. We have a right to a safe neighborhood. If you see the thugs & not just their voices, give complete descriptions, clothes color, height, weight, facial hair, way they walk. "There are 3 males about 16 years old that are short with jeans & sweatshirts on. One male is older,tall, heavy with just a HAWKS t-shirt on, he walks hunched over & slower than the others." Now that they have decided to hit our community after a year respite, we must be vigilant until we catch them again. BEware that they may very well be your neighbor's kids that are having a spend the night party, looking for items to steal to sell for cash to other students. Do not think, "Well I don't want to be a bother & what if I am wrong?" NOBODY needs to be out & going house to house at 3 in the morning. As my sainted mother used to say, Nothing good happens after midnight-get home! Let's be vigilant & stop them before they strike again. Last time it was a group of teens from outside the community that came & parked elsewhere & then walked about stealing from cars&garages. Because a neighbor that was awaken by the barking dogs went to see what was up & called the police & DEMANDED the police check it out,4 arrest were made. 911 operator tried to blow it off & did we really need a cop to come by! YES, DEMAND they send a cop to check it out! We love our neighborhood, call to stop crime! Lake parked cars are suspicious at 3am, get their tag, CALL it in!


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