Stamps, Vitamins Taken During Office Burglary

Business owner arrived at work and found front glass door had been shattered.

An apparently health conscious individual with a need to send correspondence via the United States Postal Service recently burglarized a Buford business.

The owner of the Buford Highway business arrived at work on Oct. 23 and found the front glass door had been shattered with a cement block from a nearby retaining wall.

A check of the business revealed only two items had been taken -- a roll of approximately 20 stamps and a bottle of multivitamins. Though nothing else was taken, several items had been moved. The business owner told police the burglar had taken two decorative mirrors off the walls and placed them on the receptionist’s desk. The burglar had also relocated a fake potted plant from one of the offices and placed it near the front door.

All of the unlocked drawers in the office had been opened and searched and there were also pry marks on a locked file cabinet, which the burglar had unsuccessfully attempted to open. The burglar succeeded in opening a locked wooden cupboard, damaging it in the process. None of the electronics in the office -- computers, fax machines or printers -- were taken.

The case is listed as active.

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