Stolen Truck No Laughing Matter

Man hangs up on officer, said he thought call regarding wrecked truck was a joke.

A Holman Road resident was advised -- for the second time -- his truck had been wrecked when he reported it stolen on July 12.

The victim told police he last saw his 2005 Ford F150 in his driveway the afternoon of July 11. The man said an employee of his left the vehicle at his residence with the keys inside the truck.

During the course of the initial investigation, the responding officer learned another officer had been dispatched to an accident a few hours earlier involving the missing truck. The officer who responded to the accident said he discovered the truck wrecked and littered with beer bottles on Sardis Church Road. The officer said he contacted the victim to make sure he was uninjured and told him what had happened to the truck. According to officer, the victim said, “This must be a joke” and hung up the phone. The officer tried to call the victim several more times, but the victim did not answer the phone.

When asked why he hung up on the officer, the victim said he was sleepy and thought someone was playing a joke on him.

The officer informed the victim his truck had been towed and provided him with contact information for the wrecker service.

The case is listed as active.


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