Student Says Stranger Attempted to Grab Her on Trail Near Mill Creek High School

The incident did not occur on school grounds.

Police are investigating a Jan. 15 incident involving a student that took place near Mill Creek High School. Credit: Kristi Reed
Police are investigating a Jan. 15 incident involving a student that took place near Mill Creek High School. Credit: Kristi Reed
Mill Creek High School principal Jason Lane sent a to parents Thursday evening advising of an incident involving a student that occurred Jan. 15 near the school. 

A group of students left campus after school and walked along a wooded trail toward nearby residences. One of the students later left the group to return to school.

"While walking on the trail, the student reported she was approached by a stranger who attempted to grab her," Lane wrote. "She was able to get away from this individual and returned to campus where she was picked up by her parents."

The student reported the incident to school officials on Jan. 16. Gwinnett County School Police and the Gwinnett County Police Department are actively investigating the report and have increased their presence around the school as a precaution, Lane added.  

Though the incident did not occur on school grounds, Lane encouraged parents to use the opportunity to discuss safety with their children.

"Ensuring our students’ safety— while they are at school, as well as when they are out in the community— is a priority for us all," he wrote. "Although this incident did not occur on school campus, I would encourage you to use this situation as a 'teachable moment' with our students, reminding them of the importance of traveling in groups and reporting any situations as quickly as possible." 
new guy January 17, 2014 at 02:27 PM
The hardest part about reading this article is the proximity to our homes and lives, this is not some far away trouble that will never effect our families. At our Dojo, we strive to arm our students to be prepared for such an attack. From the Rad Kids program to Regular Karate, Filipino Martial Arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we aim to give students the the weapons and awareness to foil such an incident. The Best part of the story is that the teen involved and her friends were not harmed physically and will hopefully not bare the scars that personal attacks can render. If you have a moment please talk to your children and your neighbors about awareness and personal vigilance at home, in the shopping centers, at school and especially in our wooded areas and parks.


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