Tased Teen: Police Officers Don't Belong in Society

Incident occurred after teen was questioned regarding property damage in the neighborhood.

A defiant teen ended up being tased and arrested on obstruction and disorderly conduct charges during an Oct. 23 incident in Hamilton Mill.

Gwinnett County Police were called to the Dacula neighborhood after a homeowner saw three males breaking off fence post toppers. An officer spotted three males matching the description given by the homeowner. Two of the males were carrying “private residence” signs. When the officer stopped to question the teens, one of the males, later identified as 17-year-old Joseph O’Donovan, reportedly asked the officer what authority he had to prevent them from leaving. The officer explained the three teens were being detained for the purpose of investigating the reported property damage.

According to the police report, O’Donovan refused to provide his name or date of birth. In the report, the officer wrote that O’Donovan called him an “obviously uneducated person” and asked if the officer was a Christian or believed in “some other sort of false religion.”

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“He stated I wasn’t used to someone that wasn’t afraid of my authority. That all I had was a badge and a gun,” the officer wrote. “He stated that he didn’t have to tell me a thing.”

O’Donovan allegedly used profanity throughout the conversation. The officer advised O’Donovan to stop cursing in public to which O’Donovan reportedly replied, “What you gunna [sic] do arrest me, point your gun at me?”

“Mr. O’Donovan continued on about how I was just doing mindless things, harassing kids walking home from the skate park and that he didn’t think police officers belonged in society,” the officer noted in the arrest report.

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Cindy November 03, 2012 at 07:53 AM
So glad the officer documented all the comments. Very revealing character in the 17-year-old loser. Same attitudes and comments I used to hear when I was in the classroom......now retired. A huge thank you to all our teachers, law enforcement personnel, and others who have to deal with the thugs in our society. Thank God we have many young people who are not of the low caliber of the miscreants described in the police report. We hear about those in trouble, but there are many who are not. I am with them almost every day and am happy to say we have some great youth....but not these 3 at this time. Perhaps a "come to Jesus meeting" is what this boy needs to set him on the right path. Just sayin'......


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