Ten Pounds of Marijuana, Cash Found in Car

California man arrested after traffic stop on I-85 north of Hamilton Mill.

A California man is facing drug trafficking charges after 10 pounds of marijuana were found inside his vehicle.

On Feb. 16, Saye Zorh of Petrolia, Cal., was traveling northbound on I-85 just north of Hamilton Mill Road when he was pulled over by a Gwinnett County Police officer for a lane violation. During the course of the traffic stop, the officer asked for consent to search Zorh’s vehicle. Zorh initially granted permission, but then withdrew it according to the police report.

A narcotics K-9 was brought to the scene and allowed to walk around the vehicle. Once the K-9 detected drugs inside the vehicle, a probable cause search was conducted. The investigating officer subsequently located 10 pounds of marijuana in a suitcase and $2,560 in cash.  

Zorh was placed under arrest and charged with improper lane change, open container and trafficking marijuana. He is currently being held in the Gwinnett County Detention Center without bond.

Edwin Gravitt February 26, 2011 at 03:35 AM
Kristi, the vision of the founding fathers of our country was, that every American would have unlimited access to the individual freedoms that God gave to us. Their view as to crime was that, if no harm has been done, no crime has been committed. The government"war on Drugs, Poverty, Terror, Guns and Hunger" are but a few of the unconstitutional and anti-American wars that we are paying heavily for in the form of unnecessary taxes. I am uncertain as to the amount of tax dollars that could be left in the taxpayers' pockets if these illegal wars were to be unfunded and ended right now but my guess would be in the trillions of dollars range. America has the largest percentage of its population in prison with Georgia leading the pack, and literally thousands of Georgia's prisoners are there for nothing that is a lawful crime, such as possession of drugs, firearms and ammunition, and the list continues with more new laws that create more crimes that are, in fact, not crimes right now under the gold dome. Frankly I don't see why the citizens of Georgia don't put a stop to the nonsense that goes on in our state capitol every year and put the real criminals in prison for the rest of their lives. And I am talking about the lawmakers in the Georgia general assembly. Already we as law abiding citizens can't live a day without actually violating a combination of Georgia laws that never should have never been proposed, much less adopted in the first place. Thank you for your time.


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