Thief Snatches Teen’s Gym Bag

Bag was taken while 16-year-old Auburn teen was working out at Gold’s Gym.

A 16-year-old Auburn teen lost several hundred dollars worth of personal belongings during a Jan. 5 workout at .

The teen said his gym bag, which contained his car keys, house keys, iPhone and school uniform, was taken out of a cubbyhole on the gym floor. At the time of the incident, Gold’s Gym did not have any security cameras directed at the gym floor, but that is no longer the case. According to general manager Joan Ferrante, a camera in the lobby has been repositioned so that it is directed at the cubbyholes. Gold’s previously did not have cameras pointed at the gym floor in order to protect the privacy of its members, Ferrante explained.

Ferrante said she is aware of at least two other similar thefts at the workout facility within the past two weeks. To date, police have not requested any of the available surveillance video, she said.

In addition to repositioning the lobby camera, Gold's staff members have placed security reminder signs on the cubbyholes in an effort to prevent further occurrences.

“We’re just trying to be on high alert,” Ferrante said.

Several Gold’s Gym visitors have been targets of crime over the past several months. Most of the incidents have been car break-ins.

In order to prevent car break-ins or theft of personal belongings, police recommend leaving valuables at home if possible. If you must bring valuables inside the gym, keep them with you at all times or place them in a secured locker. Do not leave keys, wallets, bags or other valuables unattended at any time.

Mitch January 11, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Gold's Gym new slogan: Join now! You'll leave with less everytime.


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