Thief Steals GPS, Money but Leaves Neighbor’s Wallet and Camera

Incident one of several car break-ins that took place in Hamilton Mill during the overnight hours of Aug. 4.

On Aug. 5, a Hamilton Mill homeowner discovered his GPS unit and a bag of change had been stolen out of his vehicle but, fortunately for one of his neighbors, the thief left something behind. According to the Gwinnett County Police report, the victim discovered a wallet and camera belonging to a man who lives nearby in his vehicle.

The victim, whose vehicle had been left unlocked, also noticed some damage to the dashboard of the vehicle that appeared to have been caused when the thief or thieves attempted to remove the radio.

The wallet and camera were returned to the neighbor, who decided not to file a report.

The incidents, both on Lake Heights Circle in the High Point subdivision of Hamilton Mill, were two of four that occurred on that street during the overnight hours of Aug. 4.

Another homeowner reported that a thief or thieves stole four digital SLR Canon camera lenses valued at $3,300 and a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot valued at $150 out of his unlocked vehicle. The victim said the vehicle had been left unsecured because the lock was not working properly.

A fourth victim, whose vehicle was also left unlocked, reported the loss of a Lenovo laptop valued at $1,000 and a work briefcase. In the report, which was filed using , the victim wrote "Accidentally left my car unlocked overnight Saturday in my driveway, which has typically never been an issue in my neighborhood." (See below for similar incidents in Hamilton Mill.)

The cases are listed as active.

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