Vandals Spray Paint Walls, Windows of Hamilton Mill Home

Town Manor Court home has been vandalized twice previously according to the victim.

Vandals struck a vacant home in Hamilton Mill last week causing over $1,000 worth of damages.

On March 3, Gwinnett County Police were called to 2107 Town Manor Court in Dacula after spray-painted graffiti was discovered on the home. According to the police report, a vandal or vandals used black spray paint to graffiti windows, a wall and the patio with profanity, images of male genitalia and the gang symbol “316.”

The victim told police the home had been vandalized twice previously and said he has no idea who may be responsible. The victim further advised he had been at the home on Feb. 29 repairing damage from the previous incident. According to the victim, everything was in order when he left. 

The home has been vacant for approximately six months and is .

Cynthia Montgomery October 13, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Well it looks like the FOOTBALL FRIDAY NIGHT GANG is at it again. Every year when football season begins the male of HM begin their law breaking behavior. I have been here for 13 years and it has been going on for all these years. Each neighborhood should talk about having a serious neighborhood watch they come out about 3-4 pm. They are spending the night at a friends house so each parent has not idea it is their child doing the criminal activity. WHen arrested each neighbor should go tot he fullest extent of the law, in other world go to court and testify against them. This is NOT boys will be boys this is our neighbor getting a public name as bad place to live and worse a unsafe place to buy a home and then our homes don't see and our prices continue to FALL! Parents with boys, BE AWARE who they are with when they spend the night out. It may be your son is the leader of the pack. We keep our neighborhood safe by being alert and calling in all specious cars, walkers, and activities.
Jim S January 04, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Cynthia, You are absolutely correct! These boys may also be in danger of getting hurt as they trespass onto others property.


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