Weird Police Stories of the Week: Elusive Base Jumpers, Failed Escapes and Strange Threats

Thefts and threats don't have to be ordinary.

Littering is a bad idea -- especially if you are an escaped prisoner. A Loganville man who had escaped officials was returned to custody last week after being stopped for .

Another man, this one from North Carolina, after cocaine was found in his car during a traffic stop on I-85. Other troopers caught up to him.

There's still no clear evidence that hopped off a radio tower in Loganville on April Fool's Day, but the person who reported seeing the jump happens to be a member of law enforcement, and saying she saw somebody land. Plus, a cryptic comment was left on Loganville-Grayson Patch. Was it a veiled confession? Or someone just messing around? We don't know.

Someone looking for extra change in Athens made off with a couple of parking meter tops outside . The meters are valued at $1,000. The missing contents? About 16 bucks.

Creative threats of the week:

  • A caller offered near a Dacula man's house in exchange for $100.
  • A martial arts instructor found a note in her locker stating she was going to die that night and nothing could save her. She told officials she wasn't worried about the threat, and woke up the next morning.
  • Also in Winder, at the , a man who had been asked to leave the restaurant instead reportedly threatened to

Finally, a woman fired from a Statham business and sat down at her desk. Sheriff's deputies showed up and asked her to leave. There were some family issues involved.


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