Weird Police Stories of the Week: Wet Clothes, Dead Snakes and Too Many Steps

Unusual police stories from Northeast Georgia.

A Dacula man reported : Several bottles of water, a coffee pot, a car, some clothes and some brand-name watches. And also a “silver .22 caliber weapon” for which he couldn't produce a make, model or serial number. As luck would have it, the man told police, he had purhcased rental insurance two weeks earlier.

Meanwhile, in Winder, a borrowed washing machine was stolen -- . The dryer was stolen, too, so there's still a chance for the clothes.

Different Walton County residents complained recently of . In the latter case, there was an ongoing dispute with a neighbor.

A neighbor in Bethlehem took it upon himself to be . After a couple complained he was harassing them by pointing out code violations, the man told Barrow County Sheriff's deputies he was part of Neighborhood Watch and trying to keep property values up.

Another Barrow resident told a sheriff's deputy he was by detaining her. She was charged with public intoxication. And a woman in Athens was charged with DUI after .

An Auburn man wasn't so cooperative with police after they were called to a disturbance at , according to a report. All told, between the man and his female companion, there were reports of .

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