Witnesses See Man Dragging Ex-Wife by Hair

Assault was part of a brutal attack that left a 28-year-old Dacula woman with broken teeth and other injuries.

A 28-year-old woman suffered numerous injuries during a July 1 assault at her Dacula home.

Several witnesses called police after seeing a man dragging a woman by her hair toward a residence. One of the witnesses notified an off-duty deputy who lived near the victim’s home. According to the police report, the deputy got in his personal vehicle and drove to the home where he spotted the woman being chased by a man later identified as Jesus Vega-Zamora, 29*.

The deputy told Gwinnett County Police that the woman was screaming for help saying Vega-Zamora was going to kill her. The deputy helped the victim into his vehicle, a GMC Yukon, and began driving away. Vega-Zamora reportedly gave chase and punched the deputy’s vehicle multiple times causing several large dents in the rear quarter panel. Vega-Zamora then allegedly got into his own vehicle and followed the deputy to his residence.

After escorting the victim into his residence, the deputy retrieved his service pistol and went back outside where he found Vega-Zamora climbing into the driver’s seat of the Yukon. The deputy pointed his pistol at Vega-Zamora and ordered him out of the vehicle.

Vega-Zamora refused, allegedly saying, “I’m not scared of that s**t.”

Vega-Zamora then reportedly put the deputy’s vehicle in reverse and began backing down the driveway, stopping only when his own vehicle blocked his path. Vega-Zamora then exited the deputy’s vehicle and left the scene in his own vehicle to return to the victim’s house.

When Gwinnett County Police arrived at the victim’s house, Vega-Zamora answered the door and denied anything untoward had transpired.

“Vega-Zamora seemed very nervous but not surprised to see police officers,” the officer wrote in the arrest report.

Once additional backup arrived, the arresting officer went to the deputy’s house to interview the victim. The victim said she and Vega-Zamora were divorced and that he had not lived in the house for more than two years. The victim said Vega-Zamora had seen her out with another man the night before and had become angry.

According to the victim, Vega-Zamora entered the house while she was sleeping using the keyless entry pad on the garage. The victim said Vega-Zamora awakened her and demanded she have sex with him. When she refused, he allegedly punched her in the head numerous times breaking several of her teeth in the process and causing what the officer described as a "large lump" on the victim's forehead. The officer also noted the victim's face and scalp were very red.

The victim told police Vega-Zamora threatened to break her neck and screamed he was going to kill her. The victim managed to escape and began running out of the house. She said Vega-Zamora came after her, punching holes in the sheet rock as he followed. The victim said Vega-Zamora caught up with her in the driveway and began dragging her by the hair back toward her house. The victim said she once again managed to get free and ran toward the street where she flagged down the deputy.

Based on information provided by the victim and witnesses, police arrested Vega-Zamora. After being placed under arrest, Vega-Zamora reportedly justified his actions saying the victim had had sex with another man and “he could not allow that to happen.”

Vega-Zamora was charged with aggravated battery, criminal trespass and third-degree cruelty to children due to the fact the victim’s child was in the home at the time of the alleged assault. He is also being detained under an immigration hold. Vega-Zamora remains jailed without bond. 

*There is a discrepancy between the jail records and the police report regarding Vega-Zamora’s home address and it is therefore not listed.

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Scott W. July 10, 2012 at 08:25 PM
@ Na Mean...Really? Do your research. The Iron Curtain was designed to keep people IN! I agree with Cynthia! Furthermore, those of you who vilify us for wanting to keep our borders secure need to realize that I've heard no one calling for a end to immigration. We're looking for an end to ILLEGAL immigration. There are ways to come to this country to share productively in what is has to offer without being a parasite. I believe it's unfortunate that this guy, who, obviously came to this country to simply make an honest living for his family is simply going to be deported rather than face the American Criminal Justice system. Of course, even if he did, he'd likely be paroled in about 4 years. These people walk among us. Too bad she wasn't a well trained gun owner in a free state. This situation would have ended a lot more positively--yes, a dead bad guy is a positive thing!
Brian Crawford July 10, 2012 at 10:39 PM
No doubt a bad guy, but since when do people who commit lesser crimes like assault deserve the death penalty? You gun toters are just itching to kill someone.
Michael Lauzon July 11, 2012 at 01:54 AM
I am not trying to lay blame, but she should be blamed partly, because she was stupid enough not to have gotten the combo changed on the keyless entry.
Tab July 15, 2012 at 11:45 PM
Wow!! Michael I suppose you think a woman dressed provocatively deserves to be raped then. I can say we all have our opinions about illegal immigration and gun laws, but you my friend are an idiot!
alb August 13, 2012 at 01:02 PM
So this is about immigration and not about domestic violence!!!


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